Health Coach Shares Her Battle With Infertility

Fertility Changes Don't Happen Overnight

Pilates instructor and wellness coach, Nikki Bergen, opens up about her infertility and struggle to get pregnant at age 35. Going from the health coach to the patient has been a painful journey and a "crushing blow" that was difficult to comes to terms with at first. Her story shows that although being healthy is her thing, it doesn't guarantee smooth sailing when trying to conceive. From taking vitamins, exercising daily, eating organic gluten and maintaining a dairy-free diet, Nikki leads an extremely healthy lifestyle. The many treatments she's undergoneNikki describes her journey as "humbling"

As she has to grapple with everything she's been through. No matter what she did or how hard she tried, infertility still happened. Yes, even her medication practices, acupuncture, recommended supplements, and "pristine" diet, still let her to infertility. Now, she and her husband are in the middle of their first IVF cycle after three failed IUI cycles, one miscarriage and almost two years trying to conceive. She has learned to keep plunging forward no matter how uncertain every fertility treatment is. Her struggle shows that no matter how prepared you may think you are to naturally conceive, it doesn't always happen right away and may even require a number of treatments. Stay resilient and even share your vulnerable story with your community to empower other women, much like Nikki has done with hers.

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