Harvard Study Tells All About the Effect of Father's Age on Fertility

Are these results surprising?

Time and time again, women are told to consider having children earlier than they may have initially planned. Men, on the other hand, seem to get a free pass on this discussion and never seem to worry about how their age may play into fertility. A new research from Harvard Medical School shows that men's fertility dwindles with age, too.Over a four year period, the study analyzed 19,000 IVF treatments in 7,753 couples. The study found that women with older male partners had a harder time conceiving than those with partners the same age or even younger. 73% of women in their 20s successfully conceived if their partner was in their early 30s. However, women with partners between the ages of 40 and 42 were not so successful. At the age of 30 when female fertility starts to decline, the age of their partner also had a significant impact. What's interesting is that women aged 30-35 with partners in their 20s had a success rate of 70% whereas this fell to 54% when their partners were aged 30-35. Hmm-- Not only does the quality of men's sperm decline ones they hit 40, but numerous studies also linked older fathers with the risk of the offspring having autism and schizophrenia. Moving forward, the best thing to do would be to stay educated and have your male partner checked to focus on their semen quality. As always, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will also improve your chances!

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