Grab Your Sunscreen for a Fun in the Sun Road Trip from Orlando to Miami!

Explore all the wonders on the east coast of the Sunshine State

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Road tripping in Florida is a great idea, especially since you can go from green wetlands to white, sandy beaches all in the same day! If you’re looking to try a road trip from Orlando to Miami, you’re in luck, because we’ve listed the top spots you should plan to visit on your trip south. This trip takes the scenic route, so you can fully take in all the natural beauty of central Florida, as well as admire the amazing views of the ocean on your way to Miami.

Traveling by car instead of plane is a great way to get the best of both worlds-- and we’re sure you’ll find many other places worthy of a stop along Florida’s A1A-- but these should be at the top of your list. Now, who’s ready to start their trip?

Orlando Area

Whether on the latest roller coaster, or relaxing by the pool, Orlando is a great place to start a vacation

Orlando, FL |

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor. Orlando is the home of so many amusement parks, it gets hard to keep track!

Starting your road trip in Orlando, make sure you take a little time to explore this wonderful, lively city. Of course you’ll want to visit Universal Studios and visit the world of Harry Potter and explore the jungle of Jurassic Park, but make sure you take time to explore other parts of the central Florida as well! Take some time to do shopping and dining in Old Town Kissimmee or even sign up for an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades! All of these destinations are in and around the Orlando area, making it the perfect start to your road trip.


“There is so much to do and see in Orlando. There is also literally any type of food imaginable. This is a foodie city! And it's got Micky Mouse.” -Yelp Review

Tosohatchee Wildlife Area

Get out of the car an explore this pristine nature area

3365 Taylor Creek Rd. | Christmas, FL |

Image courtesy of All Trails. No matter if you just want to stretch your legs at the visitors’ center, or take one of the trails, this is the perfect place to see nature up close.

As you make your way out east from the Orlando metropolitan area, you’ll quickly find yourself in the lush, green environment of central Florida. Your next stop on this road trip should be exploring the Tosohatchee Wildlife Area. There are over 60 miles of trails to try, either on foot or in your car. Here you’ll encounter all kinds of native flora and fauna, including a chance to view the residents of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail. There are even places to do some fishing if you like!


“Very great wildlife. You can go there by car and use it inside to reach every viewpoint, but you can also leave it and have a walk. There are Flammings, turtles, alligators etc. Impressive, calm and quiet place.” -TripAdvisor Review

NASA Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral

See how NASA missions went to outer space and back again!

Cape Canaveral, FL |

Image courtesy of Pinterest. There’s nothing more exciting that a launch!  Get a fist-hand look at all the work behind the scenes that went on for a successful NASA launch.

Space might be the final frontier, but it all started right here on Earth. The NASA Visitors’ Complex has tours designated into specific chronological eras, so you can choose to see how the Apollo missions went into flight, how the space shuttles were sent into orbit, or instead get the details on the SpaceX program. All the tours are highly informative, and you can even get access to historic launch sites as well as functioning work sites that still send probes and other satellites up into orbit. 


“If you are a space nut like my son, you HAVE to go!! I am not a big space nut, and I loved it! I was in awe! We paid extra and did the behind the scene bus tour. It was SO worth it!!” -TripAdvisor Review

Mel Fisher’s Treasures

Take home your own piece of sunken treasure!

1322 US 1 | Sebastian, FL |

Image courtesy of the Daily Coin. Gold coins are typically the stuff of legends, but they’re a reality at this treasure trove!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to find long buried treasure? That’s exactly what happened when Mel Fisher and his team won the rights to sunken Spanish galleons off the coast of Florida. The treasure consisted of over 40 tons of gold and silver, coins, and precious stones and was valued at $450 million. You can browse the selections they have for sale and own a piece of priceless history! The team is still diving in hopes of recovering more treasure, but they also tirelessly work to conserve and categorize the items they uncover as well. Definitely the stuff of legends!


“The BEST place to come for authentic artifacts and jewelry the 1612 Spanish fleet, Atocha, and Santa Margarita.  Gold, Silver, Emeralds, and more.” -Yelp Review

Vero Beach

This is the premier place for peaceful beaches and nature tours

Vero Beach, FL |

Image courtesy of Vero Beach. This is a wonderful beach town to sit back and relax under the sun in!

As you make your way further south along the A1A you’ll happen upon some gorgeous views of the Atlantic, that’s how you know you’ve made it to Vero Beach! Here you can put your toes in the sand and relax for an afternoon-- or the evening-- and experience the laid back nature of this favorite of the Treasure Coast. If you feel like exploring the area a little, make sure to stop at the McKee Botanical Center to gaze at the native plants and exceptionally beautiful garden designs.

A little further south on the outskirts of Fort Pierce is the Navy SEAL Museum, where visitors can learn about the history of this elite fighting force. It is a great place to see how the SEALs developed and get a better understanding of all that these brave soldiers have accomplished.


“I spent 4 days in Vero Beach, Florida and enjoyed it very much. It was over Labor Day weekend. The shops were interesting and the prices reasonable. Restaurants were good.” -TripAdvisor Review

Savannas Preserve State Park

Explore the natural environment that once encompassed all of Florida!

2541 Walton Rd. | Port St. Lucie, FL |

Image courtesy of Florida State Parks. Awaken your sense of adventure and take a little time to explore this popular park.

There are a lot of beautiful parks in Florida, but the Savannas State Park is one of the best, especially if you can take some time for a hike. Here you can see what the natural landscape looked like to the Native Americans, and what the first Europeans encountered when they landed here as well. Bring your boots for a nice hike on Hawk’s Bluff Trail and make sure to snap some memorable pictures of pristine basin marsh and the native animals.


“Great park where you can see many animals and native plants. Great trails that you can discover with great views. Quiet, yet close.” -Yelp Review

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Stop and take in the views from this historical lighthouse

500 Captain Armours Way | Jupiter, FL |

Image courtesy of Jupiter Lighthouse. This lighthouse is not only a historic landmark, but it also played quite an interesting part in American history.

There are no shortage of beautiful lighthouses along Florida’s eastern coast, but this one is definitely worth a stop on your road trip. The lighthouse was originally designed by U.S. Civil War General George G. Meade, but was not completed until 1860. When the U.S. Coast Guard took up operation of the Florida lighthouses, the Navy installed Listening Stations, including one in Jupiter. This station in particular was able to locate and destroy many German U-boats this way. 

The lighthouse stands at 105 feet which visitors can climb to take in the amazing views. There is also an interesting museum that is attached, as well as gift shop.


“A "must see" to understand Jupiter and why it exists. Also just fun to learn about lighthouses and the system of lighthouses and lens technology.” -Yelp Review

Manatee Lagoon

Learn all about these incredibly docile creatures

6000 N. Flagler Dr. | West Palm Beach, FL |

Image courtesy of Discover the Palm Beaches. Don’t miss out on your chance to see these wonderful animals up close!

No trip along the southern portion of A1A would be complete without a stop at the Manatee Lagoon. Manatees make the swim north each year and stay in this area from November 15 to March 31, to enjoy the warm waters around the Florida Power and Light Co.’s Clean Energy Center. The manatee institute was constructed here so people could learn about these sweet creatures, and scientists could study them closer. 

There are all kinds of events and programs to check out while you’re there, and of course some prime manatee viewing in their lagoon!


“INCREDIBLE!!  Nothing better than being able to see *up-close* some amazing, docile creatures, FOR FREE. There is also a great educational center, including a few small aquariums. ” -Yelp Review

Butterfly World

Stop in and view the largest butterfly house in the world!

3600 W. Sample Rd. | Coconut Creek, FL |

Image courtesy of Florida Hikes. Come for the butterflies but stay for the wonderful array of bird species in the aviaries.

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful insects, but sometimes it’s hard to see them up close. At Butterfly World, one man took his vision of butterfly gardens and has expanded it to create a habitat that can accommodate many species, and allow visitors to see and learn about them more closely. The park also uses a portion of its profits to fund research at the University of Florida to bring vulnerable native species back into greater numbers. The gardens and butterflies are stunning, plus when you take the tour you’re helping Butterfly World make sure there are always butterflies!


“If you love butterflies and birds, this is the spot! Also beautiful flora and fauna. An unexpected bonus was the parakeets, so cute!” -Yelp Review

Fort Lauderdale

Experience the culture and fun of the Venice of Florida

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Image courtesy of Porthole Cruise Magazine. Stop in this city for some delicious cuisine and a good dose of culture.

Fort Lauderdale is a great place to stop the car for a while and get out and stretch your legs. Explore the city on foot, and make sure to visit Las Olas Boulevard for an amazing array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Another way to see the city is on a gondola, which traverse the many canals of this lovely town.

Popular attractions include the many beautiful beaches and well maintained parks, as well as the Museum of Discovery and Science and the Dania Antique Row. If you can, try to spend at least one night to get a real flavor for this city.


“I'm really lucky. I could live anywhere in the world I might want to live, but I'm in love with Fort Lauderdale.” -Yelp Review

Miami Beach

Beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife

Miami Beach, FL |

Image courtesy of Trip Savvy. Enjoy the end of your road trip in one of the most exciting cities in the U.S.!

Once you’ve made it to Miami, it’s time to have some fun in the sun! Whether you want to take a dip in the ocean, or grab some food and people watch on Ocean Drive, you’re definitely going to enjoy your stay. If the nightclubs and beaches aren’t enough, there are plenty of tours through historic Miami as well as all kinds of water sports and boating options. If you need a little detour, the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and Perez Art Museum offer something a little different and out of the sun.


“How can someone really have anything negative to say about Miami Beach. The water is always crystal blue, the sand is white as snow, and the people watching is some of the best in the USA.” -Yelp Review

The road from Orlando to Miami is full of interesting attractions and places, including some of the best beaches in the United States. Take your time on this road trip and really soak up the Florida sunshine, you’ll be left with so many fond memories that way!

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