Goonies Never Say Die! Must-See Film Locations from The Goonies Movie

Hey you guys! On this road trip, stop and see some key places from The Goonies

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Who among us didn’t spend their childhood wishing they were a Goonie? The premise of exploring your town on the world’s most awesome scavenger hunt and finding buried treasure is basically every kid’s fantasy. While the Goondocks isn’t really an area of Astoria, Oregon, the town itself plays a huge role in the movie, Mikey and his friends loved growing up there so much that they were literally willing to risk life and limb to save their homes.

As a kid you may not have noticed all the places and landmarks in the movie because the action, adventure, and laughs took center stage. But when you re-watch it as an adult, you start to appreciate all the raw beauty that this Oregon town has, and can completely understand why no one would want to leave it! So if you’re ever on the west coast, we highly recommend visiting the destinations that are so much a part of this beloved movie. 

The Goonies House Film Location

You can’t get up close anymore, but you can view the famous house from afar

368 38th St | Astoria  

Mikey and Brand Walsh’s house is instantly recognizable to fans everywhere. Image courtesy of KUTV.

The Goonies House, better known as Mikey’s house, is one of the most popular attractions in Astoria. This is where the Goonies first got the idea to go after One-Eyed Willie’s treasure! In addition, it is also a beautiful house with a coveted wrap around porch. Who can forget the scene where Mikey’s big brother brand has to half drag him off the porch while the autumn leaves fall on the large deck all around them! 

Sadly, the owner has decided to block their house off to tourists, stating that after the 30th anniversary, fans simply got out of hand and became rude and intrusive. You can no longer go up the driveway, so keep a respectful distance if you’re interested in picture. Hopefully the owner changes their mind soon, but until then, there are plenty of other Goonies locations to visit in town.



“Honestly, I was psyched enough just to see the house from the street below. You can still get a good view of the house, the skylight in the attic where they found the map to one-eyed willie's treasure, the porch where mikey and brandon shared a brotherly hug reminiscing about their time in the goondocks and the infamous fence where Chuck had to do the truffle shuffle.” - Yelp Review







Data’s House

See the house where Data and his father designed their inventions!

38th St | Astoria 

Located right next door to Mikey’s house, you can see where poor Brand had to “borrow” Data’s sister’s bike. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Goonies enthusiasts can also check out Data’s House, which is still standing,, and where he famously ziplined unexpectedly into the Walsh’s living room.No word on if the zipline is still there, though.This house was also featured in the “bike borrowing” scene, so make sure to snap a picture if you can while shouting, “I want my bike!”


“Dang, if you've watched the movie as many times as I have, it's a required bucket list item and now it's been checked off!” - Yelp Review



Image result for The Clatsop County Historical logo"

Flavel House Museum

You can just see the Goonies flying by this house on their bikes!

441 8th St | Astoria |

No Goonie’s road trip would be complete without a stop at this beautiful historic landmark! Image courtesy of Fine Art America.

You can also visit the building where Mikey’s dad works as an Assistant Curator (or as Mikey calls it, an Assistant Curly) at the fictitious Astoria Historical Museum. The building shown in the movie is actually the Flavel House Museum. The gorgeous Queen Anne-style house was, in real life, built by millionaire Columbia River bar pilot Captain George Flavel, and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. You can book tours of this wonderfully preserved house, and even rent out the beautiful gardens for events. 


“The views from the house, as well as its history, are very interesting. It is worth the stop.” - Yelp Review

Clatsop County Jail (aka The Oregon Film Museum)

You just can’t keep a Fratelli locked up

732 Duane St | Astoria |

Now a museum, this “jail” was the scene for one of the most unlikely jail breaks in film history. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

You can also stop by what was once the Clatsop County Jail from 1914 to 1976, and see where Ma and Francis Fratelli break Jake out of lockup. The Fratellis get Jake into the car and proceed to speed off in their “real neat ORV” leaving the police behind in the wake of a gas fire. Not bad for a morning’s work.

This building is on the National Register of Historic Places and has since been turned into the Oregon Film Museum. Be sure to stop inside and browse the exhibits that honor all kinds of movies filmed in Oregon, from Animal House, Kindergarten Cop, to Free Willy and more…and yes, The Goonies is in there too!


“If you're a Goonies fan this is a must see!” - Yelp Review








Lower Columbia Bowl

Did that ORV that drove by just have bullet holes the size of matzo balls?

                                                               826 Marine Dr | Astoria

This bowling alley is still up and running! Image courtesy of Dotting the Map.

Then visit Lower Columbia Bowl, which is where Chunk smashes his pizza and milkshake into the window (except maybe don’t re-enact that). Not much has changed at what Goonies’ fans refer to as Chunk’s Bowling Alley, and the owners of this business welcome those looking to see where we first met this much-loved character. There’s a special corner designated to the movie, and if you happen to see the owner, maybe ask them for a story or two about the filming!


“This is a fun little bowling alley in Astoria, or with a great history if you are a goonies fan. go bowling and take an iconic photo where chunk once did.” - Yelp Review





East End Mooring Basin

The real docks behind the Goondocks

1 Portway Dr | Astoria 

We don’t recommend going fishing for crabs head first in a barrel here. Image courtesy of The Daily Astorian.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget when watching this movie that Mikey and his pals actually live in a town called the Goondocks, hence the moniker Goonies. There were a couple of scenes filmed in the East End Mooring Basin, where you can really get a feel for the coastal Oregon weather. This is worth a visit for the nostalgia, as well as the views of the Pacific. Be sure to bring your camera to catch some of the local sea lions at play as well.


Amazing view of the sunset!!...Would highly recommend going here if you get the chance!! House from the goonies is just down the street.” - Yelp Review



Ecola State Park

Can’t guarantee there will be any ORV rallies on this beach!

Ecola Park Rd | Seaside |

This expansive beach is a favorite tourist spot because of the amazing scenery and sweeping vistas. Image courtesy of Viator.

And we can’t forget the gorgeous scenes of the Oregon coast, which were actually filmed 26 miles South of Astoria, at Ecola State Park’s Cannon Beach. This beautiful beach is a must see for any Goonie fan! (bonus: scenes from Point Break (1991) and Twilight were filmed here too). You can also hike (or drive) through the woods of Ecola State Park and gaze over the cliff where Mikey, Data, Mouth, and Chunk first match up the Spanish medallion with the treasure map. The restaurant scene that follows was a set constructed for the movie, so there is no actual Lighthouse Lounge there, but there is a picnic shelter near the location so you can take ample pictures of this scene!


“Never a bad time to visit and always equally as dramatic views of the landscape.” - Yelp Review







Haystack Rock

One of the many clues left by One-Eyed Willie

Hwy 101 | Cannon Beach

Sea stack rocks emerge from the coastal waters of Cannon Beach in Oregon
If you’ve made it all the way to Cannon Beach, you’ve got to snap a picture of this iconic Goonies landmark! Source: Shutterstock.

The rock that the Goonies use to navigate the map is a famous sea stack that’s known as Haystack Rock. It should be pretty easy to spot, as it’s one of the world’s tallest sea stacks and one of three that dot the Oregon coast! 


“A spectacular monolith on the Pacific Northwest Coast. Standing majestically among the pounding surf, Haystack Rock is a proud sentinel in Cannon Beach. While some may associate it with cult films like "The Goonies", it's a big show in itself.” - Yelp Review

Planning Your Goonies Roadtrip through Beautiful Astoria, OR

When planning your Goonies road trip, keep in mind that Astoria hosts an annual Goonies Day each year in June. The town plays host to thousands of fans from around the world who come to sightsee, participate in scavenger hunts, screenings of the movie, and perhaps even to meet a cast member!

Even though the film is over 30 years old, the Goonies will “always be good enough.” This film seems to stand the test of time, but it also transcends generations, and new fans are always being welcomed into the Goonies universe. Because how can you not love this rag-tag group of kids who manages to find the buried treasure, outsmart the baddies, and save their community? It will always remain a childhood classic because, as the saying goes, “Goonies never say die!”

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