Gifts to Avoid for Infertile Women

Article by Nicole Witt on a list of Holiday Gifts to NEVER to give to an infertile woman or couple provided by DayTime.

  • These Type of Jewelry Aren’t A Girls Best Friend: Any sort of cheesy ‘infertility support’ or ‘hope’ piece of jewelry. The possible exception to this is if they know that you have also personally been through the same struggle. Otherwise, an infertile woman does not want that gift from someone who doesn’t totally understand what they are going through. Every time they look at it, it will just remind them of the gap between the two of you.
  • Cute Pregnancy Gifts For When They Get Pregnant: Anything for ‘when they get pregnant.’ Such as a calendar that tracks pregnancy or a cute onesie that says ‘worth the wait.’  (Yes, people have done it!) You may think you’re showing hope to an infertile woman and faith in the fact that they will get pregnant one day. But it’s just another item that they have to hide away from themselves to avoid daily reminders of their grief.
  • They Don’t Need Self-Help or Therapy Books: An infertile woman knows that she’s sad. They know that they’re not the same person they used to be.  And that makes them more sad. To realize that other people see it too is just too much. Plus, they’re too busy reading everything they can get their hands on about their family building journey.
  • Here Are The Best Gifts To Give: Something that takes their mind off what they’re going through, even briefly.  Such as drinks, dinner or an evening out with you if you live nearby. A movie or spa gift certificate if you don’t live nearby.

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