Finally Pregnant! Real Women Share Their Infertility Journey

Numerous videos on YouTube give insightful detail on women’s paths to pregnancy

Videos on the internet that chronicle women surprising their significant others on the miracle of their pregnancy give intimate insight about what the women have been going through and how the pregnancies will affect them for the rest of their lives. Whether unable to become pregnant due to infertility or failed rounds of IVF, these women open up their homes and families to the rest of the world to show their successes (and sometimes failures) in the realm of pregnancy. 

Usually already having a following on the internet over Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the videos that highlight their excitement around their pregnancies are especially popular because of just that-- the excitement is palpable and the joy they share with their families can be felt through the screen. In this article, you can find summaries of a couple of these videos and links to them as well. Go on the journey with the women who have become pregnant after having much difficulty and feel the joy that resonates throughout. This article will cover the videos of Dee from the account PeanutButterVibes and Phil and Alex’s surprise journey.

Couple hugging on a couch
Dee hugs her partner after surprising him with the news of her unexpected pregnancy. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Dee’s account PeanutButterVibes chronicles her life as a Ketogenic eater

In this particular video, she surprises her family and friends with the exciting news of her unexpected pregnancy

On her YouTube page, it reads, “My name is Dee. Peanut butter is my secret lover & my husband is totally okay with that. I have been eating a ketogenic diet for 4 years. I’m a carb addict which is why keto works so well for me. My go to foods pre-keto were: cereal, froyo, and tacos. I started my keto journey not for weight loss, but to treat my Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I was diagnosed in 2014 and have been keto ever since. Bodybuilding is my passion and my ultimate goal is to compete in a bikini class bodybuilding show.” 

She expresses in the video that she does not ovulate, so when the smiley face pops up on the test, she doesn’t even know what that means and has to inquire about it. She also writes under the video, “Hey guys! I know I've kept you all in the dark but I'm finally ready to share my big, giant, HUGE news with you...I'm finally pregnant. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to say those words. This reaction video is literally a dream come true for me... and I'm so happy, grateful, thankful to be able to share it with you. 

I'm still in shock that this is all happening. We have been trying for so many years, failure after failure, heartbreak after heartbreak, with countless blood tests, medications, injections, hormones, and IVF, all thrown in between. People say it finally happens when you stop trying... and I did. I gave up the idea that I'll ever become a mother and I threw myself into other passions. 

To this day, I have NO idea how we became pregnant. I don't ovulate and I don't get a period. This truly is our miracle baby and we are so blessed and so happy.”

The video starts with a closeup of Dee expressing how she’s been feeling weird lately and then goes into details about the ovulation test. Then she talks about taking the First Response test and testing positive with two clear lines. Then she talks about how she wants to surprise her husband but doesn’t even know how to go about it! She decides to surprise all of her family members separately with a small brown paper bag stuffed with wrapping paper and a small pair of baby footies. They are all shocked when they open the package as well as delighted and overjoyed. It is heartwarming and a true success story of getting pregnant after thinking they would never be able to.

Couple Phil and Alex posing leaning against a tree
A young Phil and Alex. Photo courtesy of

Phil and Alex chronicle their infertility journey

The video of Alex finally pregnant after seven years of infertility has Phil emotional

Their YouTube video reads, “After keeping it a secret, I am so excited to be surprising my husband Phillip that I'm pregnant.

We are a family grown through the miracle of adoption. Our precious daughters are Kinsley Grace 3 years old and Callie Jo 2 years old. We had a desire to continue building our family, so we started infertility treatments again. Phil and Alex have had 3 failed IUI treatments, and 3 failed IVF transfers. Alex got pregnant on her third IVF transfer and it was her very first pregnancy and miscarried at week 10! Our passion is to encourage families through infertility, adoption and building stronger healthier families.”

In the video, a friend of Phil’s starts the surprise. She gathers balloons and a large box that reads “Stork Delivery,” “Fragile,” and “Open in June.” They place the box in front of Phil and Alex’s door with stork footprints leading up the staircase. Phil and Alex arrive home with two sleepy children, and Phil carries one girl up the stairs, totally unknowing.

Couple Phil and Alex with their two girls
Phil and Alex with their two girls. Photo courtesy of Love Multiplies

The rest of the video is the surprise, filled with emotion

Phil expresses how clueless he was and how excited he is

Phil repeats “Stop it, stop stop” many times in excitement. Emotional music plays, and the couple hugs as Phil looks at the pregnancy test. Alex asks if he had any feeling and thinks she didn’t do well holding in the surprise, but Phil expresses the contrary. Phil talks about how excited he is and gets emotional. Alex talks about how a test she took the day before was negative for five minutes before it showed up as positive.

The videos of women surprising their husbands about their pregnancies shows how hard their journeys have been, but that they are worth it in the end. Whether or not the pregnancies are successes are irrelevant because it is the excitement of the moment that people are drawn to.

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