Fashion Lifestyle Photography: 20 of the Best Examples in 2022 to Enjoy Life a Little More

There are so many reasons to enjoy life and the things that it has to offer you, and with these fashion lifestyle photos, you can enjoy it just a little bit more!

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Have you ever stopped to think about how truly amazing life is? Oftentimes we tend to look at the negative aspects of life with personal issues that occur in our lives, worldwide issues, and letting our anxieties take over when we should be enjoying every little moment of our lives and treating it like our last.

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy life and what there is to offer, but one way that we can enjoy it is through photographs. Photography has always been able to show expressions, moods, and more in each picture that is taken and as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Viewing fashion lifestyle photography is one of the best ways to see how others live their life. You can strive to dress as fashionable as the people in the photos, and even just imagine the life that they have. If you’re interested in learning more about fashion lifestyle photography, check out the twenty best examples in 2022!

What is Fashion Lifestyle Photography?

Learn more about this specific type of photography and what kind of pictures you should expect to see!

Fashion lifestyle photography is an amazing type of photography that uses a lot of self-expression, the latest fashion trends, beautiful backgrounds, and more! Image courtesy of Martina Zondo Photography. 

Are you a fan of fashion and beautiful scenic views? If so, then fashion lifestyle photography may be something you will enjoy viewing! Lots of people love fashion photography, which can include runway brands and designs that the models are wearing, advertising for these brands and the modelsl, model portfolios, editorial shoots, and so much more.

On the other hand, there is lifestyle photography, which is very popular and includes everything from landscape views, food or drinks, products to buy, interior design, and so much more. There is a wide variety of items that you can include in any lifestyle photography photoshoot, and it can even be a way to capture real-life situations in this fun art form.

Combining both fashion and lifestyle photography together can make for a great combination of fashion and learning the story behind each picture. Seeing a person’s emotions, facial expressions, and more while doing everyday activities, along with admiring the fashion trends in each photo, make up what fashion lifestyle photography is.

The 20 Best Fashion Lifestyle Photos of 2022

With so many different types of photography that are out there, there is nothing like fashion lifestyle photography. This is a very unique form of photography that many people love, because both fashion and lifestyles are both extremely popular. 

If you love both fashion and lifestyle photography, then you need to check out the twenty best fashion lifestyle photos of 2022!

1. Sleek and Edgy

There is something about models wearing some of the best and latest fashion trends while posing in a unique looking environment. Fashion lifestyle photography is very unique all on its own and with this picture by a Dubai fashion photographer, she seems to know exactly how to use fashion and the environment around them in a singular photo to create a lot of character. 

With the geometric shapes in the background, and the neutral and sleek look of the model, this gives the photo a much more elegant look. 

2. Fun in the Sun

One of the most popular trends when it comes to taking anything photography related is taking pictures when you’re in a beach setting. Whether you’re laying in the sand soaking up the sun’s rays, dipping your feet into the ocean, or even just modeling in the beautiful beach homes, beach photoshoots are extremely popular.

Whether you’re in Greece like this Instagram user, or just on a local beach, dressing up in your best beach attire, with your best shades, floppy hat, and views of tropical plants, the sand, or the ocean, this makes for a unique fashion lifestyle photography shoot.

3. Something Simple

Any picture taken can be considered photography right? Why not something as simple as a little bit of sunshine, a cute dress, Birkenstocks, and a big purse to make for a unique picture? There are so many ways to take photographs and instead of opting for a selfie, or having someone take a picture of your outfit, sometimes just seeing a sneak peek of it and your surroundings can make for the perfect photo.

4. A Fairytale Setting

Have you ever wanted to live in a fairytale? We completely understand the feeling, and that’s what makes this Instagram photo extremely unique. With the ambiance lighting, the flowers, small fairytale lights, and the elegance of the model and what she’s wearing, this is the perfect photograph of 2022 that provides elegance when it comes to fashion and a beautiful setting.

5. Clothing Always Makes the Picture 

Fashion is sometimes the most prominent thing in any fashion lifestyle photo. Focusing on the model, how they are dressed, and the expression on their face can tell a thousand different stories, and that’s what sometimes makes a picture so unique. 

With this photograph and the sleekness of the model’s outfit, and even the calm, subtle expression on her face, it provides a lot of insight into someone’s life and makes for a beautiful picture to look at as well.

6. Handbag Photographs Can Focus on Lifestyle Too

One of the most important accessories when it comes to fashion are purses and handbags. Not only can they make a statement in any photograph, they can also be the focal point too, where the bag can tell a story alone.

In this fun Instagram photo by BAR, this company focuses specifically on fashion to help promote their clothing line and this photo can show how a small and colorful bag such as this one can fit any outfit no matter how casual, or formal.

7. Outfit Inspos

One of the most popular types of photos that you can find anywhere at this point include outfit inspirations. If you’re ever in a bind and searching for something new to wear when it comes to the latest fashion trends, sometimes looking at photography can be what gives you the inspiration to try out something new. 

Outfit inspirations photographs always seem to correspond with the setting of the picture as well. With this picture, the light and neutral colors perfectly match the background to make it more appealing for someone looking for some new fashion trends to dive into. 

8. A Pop of Color

A pop of color is sometimes what can turn a simple photograph and bring it to life. With this picture, the girl’s dress, shoes, purse, jewelry, and even her hair are all on point, but with a simple pop of color, such as the wall in the background, it brings that simplicity to life and makes her stand out even more.

Solid colored backgrounds are among one of the most popular types of backgrounds to use, and it perfectly suits this woman’s fashion sense as well.

9. Facial Expressions Can Stand Out from the Rest

Oftentimes the background and the fashion don’t necessarily stand out, but the facial expression of the model does. One of the best things about modeling and photography is that the model can show off facial expressions that can steal the light of the photograph, just like in this one.

10. Floral Backgrounds Make Any Picture Perfect

Floral arrangements, flower bushes, a field of flowers, and more can really make any background for fashion lifestyle photography. We especially love this photo because of the pop of the woman’s dress and purse alongside the flowers behind her. Her natural glow also makes this picture look radiant as well too!

11. Jewelry Snapshots 

In a lot of fashion lifestyle photoshoots, sometimes jewelry can play a huge role in the photograph and how it looks. One of our favorite things about jewelry is sometimes it can outshine any outfit, background, and it can stand out on any model. We love how in this photograph the earrings, rings, and necklaces all make a bold statement and you know just looking at it that it’s the focal point of the picture. 

12. Tropical Vibes

A good tropical vibe is sometimes what you need for a photoshoot. This is among one of the most popular kinds of photoshoots, especially with what we see in the photo above. Including a model wearing a tropical-like dress, wedge sandals, a straw hat, and even a straw purse can give the tropical vibe. 

To really set up the vibe, making sure to have the background consist of a beach-like setting, or palm trees on top of what she’s wearing. This is one of the best fashion lifestyle photography trends in 2022. 

13. Long, Elegant, and Bright Dresses

A typical trend that we tend to see, that is also extremely popular and among the best in the fashion lifestyle photography category, consists of women wearing long and fairytale-like dresses in a solid color. We specifically like this picture because of the desolate and dreary background behind it where she stands out, really taking over the picture and brightening it up.

14. A Simple Background

Sometimes selfies make for the best types of photography, and they can definitely fit into the category of fashion lifestyle too! With the simple leaf background in this photo, it gives the pop of color needed, along with her lipstick color, since she is wearing all black. Plants can help spice up any photo and make it better than just a simple wall backdrop.

15. Diving Into Different Cultures

An amazingly important thing when it comes to photography is being able to capture every moment that you can. We firmly believe that capturing pictures of different cultures is important to shed light on them. This allows viewers to see how different the people in these cultures dress, and the different traditions that they have. It’s important to see how beautiful all of these cultures are with photographs of the people in them.

16. Portrait Mode Photos

One of the best features on the iPhone is portrait mode and a lot of times, it can make any picture look like it was professionally taken. That is a reason why we love this photo because of the strong focus on the woman and her beautiful bright orange outfit and the faint view of the field of flowers behind her too.

17. Unique Landscapes

Everyone loves a good background for any photograph. If you see something that instantly makes you think, “This has the potential to be a great pic!”, then make sure to take the opportunity to get a picture of yourself with it. A solid background is crucial for any photo, especially for fashion lifestyle photography.

18. A Strong Pose

There are plenty of things to appreciate about a good photograph, and one of them is definitely a strong pose from the model. Strong poses from the model can outshine everything else, including the outfit, background and more. In this case though, the background adds to the fierceness of the model to make her look even more confident and beautiful!

19. Innocence With Children

There is nothing more innocent than a picture of a child, and with this photograph, we think it can be a perfect example of it. The innocence of a child and growing up is something special, and being able to capture that in a photo is the best. Seeing this little girl and how something as simple as rainbows, smiley faces, starson her outfit can show just what being a child is all about. 

20. Make Use of Everyday Objects

One of the best things that a photographer and a model can do whenever they’re not out at a location with cool scenery is to make use of what you have around you. Posing in the kitchen, bedroom, and other places around any home or apartment can work as a good photoshoot opportunity.

There are so many incredible photos out there that perfectly represent fashion lifestyle photography and with our top twenty favorites of 2022, we think you’ll be able to get the idea of what this type of photography is all about.

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