Famous DJs and Rockers Who Have Created Music for Online Casino Games

We hear music of famous artists in our headphones, in stores, on the radio, and sometimes even while playing online pokies. Now that’s an unexpected media.


Maybe you didn't know that the music of your favorite artists sounds in online casinos, so it's time to find out. Here are five popular bands and musicians whose music was used in casino games and lobbies, like MGA kasinot.

Guns N’ Roses

The band has had quite a few hits over the years that were popular in Australia, and on their 30th anniversary, NetEntertainment decided to thank them for their contribution to the music industry. They created a standard 5x3 slot, naming it Guns N' Roses in the band’s honor and now fans from Australia can enjoy their music in themed online slots. An additional joy for fans is Encore free spins that bring big wins. 


It’s worth noting that the band did not record songs separately for the slot. The developers selected the five most popular ones. The best part is that you can choose any of them and play along or enjoy them one by one.


The famous Canadian DJ has been active in the music industry since 1998. Currently, he has 8 studio albums and regularly performs at the best music festivals around the world. Deadmau5 also has his slot with the same name, featuring his beats. The game stands out for its sound because, in most cases, pokies have rock or pop songs.

Jimi Hendrix

The guitarist's contribution is so significant that we can't help but mention it. The slot in his honor is filled with legendary riffs, not just during the spins. You will hear them even when you just press the buttons. 

The game features 5 reels and 3 lines, that is, the classic format. However, the developers have diversified the process, and not only with music. You will find additional levels of Rіѕk аnd Slісk Fеаturе, Red Guіtаr Re-Sріnѕ, Рurrlе Nаzе Freе Sріnѕ, Соіn Wіn for higher winning chances. 


The slot with the legendary rock band’s name was launched in 2013. The game was notable for collaborating with a famous band and the payline number. There are 100 of them, spread across 5 reels. The developers added music, clips from live concerts, and, of course, thematic symbols.

The luckiest players get a wild that replaces any standard symbol. This way, you can complete a winning combination. Additionally, the wild brings multipliers up to x100. The airplane comes with free spins, so it's better to get it, too. 

Twisted Sister

JJ French collaborated with talented musicians to create this New York band. You can never have too much rock and roll, and Play'n GO agrees. The provider created a 6x6 field slot, which slightly differs from the previous ones. You will hear the popular hits like I Wanna Rock, and We're Not Gonna Take It.

Why Is Music Important in Gambling? 

Let's talk about casino music in general. People come for entertainment and winnings, so why do operators bother with the sound? There are several reasons:

  1. Creating an atmosphere and mood. Quiet and calm music creates a relaxed atmosphere. Rhythmic music, on the contrary, raises adrenaline. Providers choose depending on the plot and genre of the game.
  2. Positive impact on psychology. According to Dr. Andrew Budson from Harvard Medical Schoolshow, certain rhythms increase mood and the desire to keep doing what we are doing. It is beneficial for casinos to keep players coming back. 
  3. Creating a brand identity. Each platform has its recognizable style – at least a high-quality platform. Music can be an essential part of it, helping to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression. 

Music makes betting more enjoyable, especially when it's your favorite artist. But however engaging the experience may seem, always remember to gamble responsively.

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