Experts caution makeup users on long term health risks

Chemicals in your daily routine could cause infertility and cancer

Studies show chemicals in your daily routine could cause infertility and cancer after extended use


For many people, makeup is a non-negotiable daily ritual.  Over the years, warnings against certain products have popped up, and are oftentimes disregarded.  However, in recent interviews, some experts have gone into detail on particularly scary long-term effects, low fertility among them.  In an article published by Punch, three dermatologists give their two cents on the use of makeup today:

  • Alex Adeniyi discusses the chemicals in products and the diseases they can cause.
  • Tobi Davis focuses on acne and how long-term makeup use can hurt your skin.
  • Pamale Obunwa provides suggestions for handling abrasive products.


Alex Adeniyi on chemicals

Dermatologist Alex Adeniyi begins his warning with the facts: the chemicals in makeup can cause a wide variety of issues, including low fertility, skin cancer and allergies.  He also notes that individual products are prone to exposing sensitive areas to germs, like the mouth (such as lipsticks) and the eyes (such as mascara): “Lipsticks, kajal sticks, eye-shadows are known to contain carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on the skin.”

Adeniyi emphasizes the grave danger of these chemicals: “This can lead users to develop high blood pressure, allergies, behavioral abnormalities, and reduction in fertility.”  Finally, he promotes washing and cleansing the skin to remove all makeup in order to “remove all traces of chemicals from their skins.”


Tobi Davis on acne

Like Adeniyi, the dermatologist Tobi Davis also advises washing the skin of all toxins.  She mainly sees makeup used to hide blemishes, including pimples, patches, scars and dark circles.  While makeup products such as concealer are meant to fix problems, Davis notes that the opposite effect can occur:  “…instead of beautifying, it will cause more problems for the skin.”

Davis states that heavy makeup use can lead to wrinkles and spots on the skin as well, causing the user to appear older.  This, along with the other non-skin related conditions mentioned early should prompt users to rethink their products.


Pamale Obunwa on other options

As the previous two dermatologists mention, cleansers should be used to rid the skin of the bad toxins unavoidable when wearing makeup.  Beautician Pamale Obunwa notes that it is important to choose the best product for your skin, so you do not cause your skin or body more harm.  One portion of this self-reflection can include Davis’s recommendation of cleansers, but instead opting for natural treatments such as honey and eggs instead of mass-marketed products.

Regardless of the potential outcome, experts have advised all makeup users to reexamine their cosmetic bags.  In addition, if you are one who wears a lot of makeup, consider investing in quality products to protect yourself in the long run!

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