Expert advice on fertility preservation

Lack of information can cause infertility

As more and more research is conducted surrounding infertility, it has been determined that the root cause for many issues is a lack of information.  Because of this, more groups and services have been organizing to educate couples on conception.

  • One such group, called LifeLink Fertility Clinic, offers equipment and programs to assist couples.
  • Along with medical help, the group offers education to aid with fertility.

LifeLink and its medical practices

A reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist, Dr. Kemi Ailoje, recently gave a tour of her clinic called LifeLink Fertility Clinic (LFC), which is located in GRA Ikeja, Lagos.

“We have a unique fertility profile called Fertilink Profiling for individuals and couples where they can call or just walk in and know their fertility status,” she said.

To offer her services, the clinic includes “state-of-the-art” equipment, alongside a laboratory for tests. The professionals that work there are highly trained, and offer their experience for Assisted Conception and Reproductive Technologies, which includes IVF.

Other important components of the clinic

During tours and interviews, Dr. Ailoje has spoken out, stating there is a “great need” for younger people to know more about their fertility status. She stated that more education and awareness about this status during teenage years and early twenties will help prevent individuals from struggling with infertility when they start to plan to have children.

“The main focus of this clinic is to bridge the gap regarding information and services on awareness, preservation of fertility and management of Infertility as it relates to young and advanced aged women,” Ailoje said.

Along with this early awareness for fertility, Ailoje cited a need for early awareness of safe routines, as many women use harsh and scented products to clean their vaginal areas. This is just one example of how incorrect information and malpractice overtime can truly negative impact fertility chances--for example, these harsh products cause women to lose disease fighting vaginal PH and acidity. This trend is yet another problem LifeLink hopes to correct, by informing young women of their mistakes before their practices become routine.

In summation, Dr. Ailoje and her team serve as an excellent example of early intervention and education, with a goal of helping to eradicate fertility issues when possible in order to give couples their best chance for conception.

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