Drinking Red Wine May be Beneficial to Female Fertility

A glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage could help you get pregnant

There's nothing quite like coming home after a long day, putting on your favorite PJs, and kicking your feet up on the ottoman with a glass (or three) of your favorite wine. For Wine-Os looking to get pregnant, buckle up for some of the best news of your life. A new study shows early signs that casual consumption of red wine could aid female fertility. So ladies, grab your fruitiest sangria, your driest cabernet, or your favorite merlot--it's time to celebrate.

Study Linking Wine Consumption to Fertility

Your favorite beverage could be helping you get pregnant 

Scientists looked to explore the effects that red wine has one a woman's ovarian reserve in a new study carried out at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The study used 135 women ages between 18 and 44 and asked them to keep a monthly drink journal. From there, the study evaluated the participants' ovarian reserves, egg viability, and egg health in hope that the ingredients in red wine could provide new hope to women wanting to protect their fertility.

Findings Show Promising Effects for Red Wine Drinkers

An active ingredient in red wine could be aiding your fertility 

After accounting for a woman's age and overall health prior to the study, the results of the study found that women who drink at least five glasses of wine a month have larger, healthier ovarian reserves. Scientists contribute this to a toxicant found in grapes (as well as blueberries and cocoa) calls resveratrol. Not only can resveratrol protect fertility and assist in maintaining healthy ovarian reserves, but it protects other cells from biological stress.

So Red Wine Helps Fertility? Now What?

Other professionals are hesitant to celebrate too quickly 

Adam Balen, professor at Leeds University and chairman of the British Fertility Society, suggests that the study should be duplicated prior to drawing definitive conclusions on the benefits of red wine on a woman's fertility. "It is an interesting idea that a small amount of red wine might be positively associated with ovarian reserve," Balen said, "however, the exposure of the developing fetus to alcohol may cause irreversible developmental damage." Because of this, Balen suggests that women consume no more than two large glasses of red wine per week when trying to conceive. 

This study not only provides hope to women wanting to protect their fertility and improve the quality of their egg reserves, but also is an excellent excuse to continue drinking your favorite wines and other resveratrol-rich foods like blueberries and cocoa. Regardless of any definitive conclusions being drawn, this is a small step for fertility scientists, but a giant leap for womankind.

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