Common Causes of Fertility Problems in Men

Lifestyle factors and a medical history is directly linked to infertility

Nearly 11% of couples in the United States have trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy and about one-third of these cases are due to male fertility problems. One-third of them are also related to female fertility problems, and the rest are due to factors involving both partners or unexplained causes. 

According to Resolve, the national infertility association, about 65% of couples that get treatment for a fertility issue can eventually become pregnant. Therefore, if you're having unprotected sex for more than a year, they recommend you see your doctor as soon as you can. 

For men, certain lifestyle factors and a medical history is directly linked to infertility. Men may have trouble having a baby if they smoke, have three or more alcoholic drinks per day, use illegal drugs, take anabolic steroids, take certain medications including testosterone replacement therapy or have poor nutrition. 

One other thing men should play close attention to is varicoceles. These are enlarged veins in the scrotum. Varicoceles affect sperm production because they raise the temperature in the testes. Possible symptoms men should watch are for are scrotal pain that varies from dull to sharp, especially after sitting, standing, or exercising for a long period of time.

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