Cocaine and Sperm Quality: What You Need to Know

This drug has detrimental side effects on the quality of sperm

It is always unwise to pollute your body with drugs, but the demand for them is still there-- and people are clearly still interested in using them-- and becoming addicted to them as well. The National Institute on Drug Abuse documented that in 2014, there were 1.5 million cocaine users in the United States alone-- and 6% of all admissions to drug-abuse clinics were due to cocaine. The ill effects-- including overdoses-- are well known, but perhaps not as well known is cocaine’s effect on fertility. It will significantly reduce fertility in women, but what about men?

In this article we’ll look at:

  • How does cocaine affect male fertility?
  • What are some of the complications associated with male fertility and cocaine use?

bottle with poison label
Cocaine should be avoided at all costs-- it has some seriously adverse affects on your body, including your sperm.

How Does Cocaine Affect Male Fertility?

There are consequences to cocaine use-- including organ and brain damage as well as increasing the risk of seizure or stroke. As we mentioned above, it can also affect a woman’s ovulation and the hormones that make implantation possible. There have also been studies done that show that cocaine has a negative effect on sperm as well. If you’re trying to become pregnant, cocaine will seriously impede this. The study showed that sperm motility was significantly decreased. It also concluded that cocaine appears to interfere with the sperm’s adrenergic system.

This poses a serious problem to men who are trying to help their partners conceive-- and is further proof that cocaine and humans do not mix. If both partners are habitual cocaine users, this decreases the likelihood of a pregnancy even more-- and makes it a dangerous situation should they become pregnant.

child's hand in large hand
Problems from cocaine use can possibly be passed to children-- causing birth defects and the possibility of a miscarriage.

Problems Due to Cocaine Use

Cocaine has been proven to affect sperm motility and it can cause infertility in men. But cocaine also causes vasoconstriction-- which is the narrowing of the cells-- leading to erectile dysfunction. This is not good news for couples trying to conceive. Studies have also been done on animals that show cocaine can affect testicular cells-- causing them to deteriorate-- further impeding conception.

The drug might also be transmitted from the sperm to the egg, so it is possible to pass on cocaine-induced problems to your child, should your partner become pregnant. There are serious birth defects that develop as a result of cocaine transmission during fertilization, and it can increase the likelihood of a miscarriage. So while you may enjoy the high at the time, cocaine causes some serious side effects to a man’s sperm and overall well being.

Cocaine, and other drugs of its kind, are illegal and it is not encouraged that people trying to become pregnant take them. There are some serious side-effects that are the result of cocaine use, including problems with fertility. If you have an addiction, it is best to seek help from professionals who can help you beat it.

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