Casino Glamour Fashion: Evolution Over the Years

If you’re into gambling or just know about it in general, then you must have noticed something. The fashion sense of the players who visit these casinos is just insane. You can find some of the best-dressed people on the planet if you visit any of these casinos.

And while casino fashion isn’t a must, it’s more of a statement really. People will spend a lot of money curating their wardrobes for the casino. That’s not the case for online casinos. Speaking of online casinos, have you checked out our list of the best online casino Canada? You should if you haven’t already.

Today we explore the history of casino night fashion over the years. We’ll be going through the different phases of the casino fashion to give you a taste of what it’s been like over the years. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the best casino fashion.

History of Casino Night Fashion

Modern-day casino fashion is so diverse, that it’s hard to describe it. You’ll have people dressed in hoodies and jeans at the poker table. Some you’ll find wearing sweatshirts at the blackjack table. But if you want to see the best casino fashion of modern times, you need to head over to where the roulette tables are.

The roulette tables will be where all the high-rollers are playing. And you can bet that they’ll be the best dressed out of all the people in the casino. But how do their outfit and fashion compare to those of the past?

Fashion has been evolving over time. Fashion exists in the first place because it ties into fun. How? You want to feel good when you’re having fun in a casino. And a good outfit just adds to that. That’s why in a way, modern casino fashion is an evolution of that in the past.

With that being said, let’s look at casino fashion through the ages.

1920s Casino Fashion

The 1920s was a wild time for casino fashion. During that time, it was buttoned-up suits, suspenders, and hats. Women found that corsets went incredibly well worn over shirts, so you would often see them wearing a leather corset.

The 1920s was also a time when there were strict regulations on gambling. So, most gambling would take place in the backroom of a salon. And hats were important because you could hide your face with one, sort of.

You could also find men wearing vests with hats. This was another popular option apart from the complete suits. And you can see much of modern casino fashion being taken from that time. Minus the hat of course.

1930s Casino Fashion

Tuxedos dominated most of the 1930s casino night fashion. You’d find every single man who was at the casino wearing a tux with a bow tie. Bow ties were all the rage back then. And everyone would have a pocket square too. Black tuxes had white pocket squares and vice versa.

As for the ladies, it was long dresses. The dresses just caught your eye. You couldn’t take your eyes off of someone who had the most gorgeous red dress on. Black dresses were the same. If you wanted to attract someone’s attention that was all you needed,

The women from rich families would optionally put on gloves matching their outfits. This was most common with white or black dresses. Even today, you can sometimes find traces of that trend in modern fashion.

1940s Casino Fashion

During the 1940s bowties started going out of fashion. Regular neckties were being worn by men. As for women, they were still wearing dresses to the casinos, but the styling changed completely.

To some, the 30s might have felt a bit stiff and formal. But it was the 40s casino fashion that changed it all. Long sleeveless dresses and big earrings were the go-to outfit for women. Some women also incorporated hats into their outfits.

1960s Casino Fashion

The 60s were more or less the same for men. You had suits, tuxedoes and whatnot. In terms of women’s casino fashion, more variety of colors was introduced. The ladies slowly moved away from the black, white and red theme, and incorporated different colors into their wardrobe.

Jewelry also saw a change as necklaces went out of fashion being replaced by simple chains and lockets. And it goes without saying that throughout the years, the hairstyle changed too.

1970s Casino Fashion

The 70s were also known as the disco era. Fashion for the general public had changed a lot. But as for casinos, it was pretty much the same. If we carefully observe the history of casino fashion, we’ll see that the fashion for men didn’t change much. It had and always is either suits or tuxes.

But as for the women's 70s, fashion casinos saw the inclusion of furs along with dresses. Furs were more of a fashion statement than a practical part of the outfit. And women wore matching or complimenting colors of fur to further enhance their outfits.

Furs are still relevant even today, and you will find many female gamblers as well as celebrities wearing furs.

1980s Casino Fashion

By the time, the 80s rolled around, furs went out of style. Women were back to wearing dresses to the casino. And for men things didn’t change much. But something that changed for men over the years was the fabric.

Silk suits were in demand, particularly among the Italian crowd. But Americans were not exceptions to this. A mixture of Spandex and Lycra also saw a rise in popularity. You can say that the 80s casino fashion is what’s still in demand even today.

Do You See a Trend?

From what we can see, the casino night fashion trends adapted and evolved over the years for both men and women. Hats were prevalent throughout the 20s all the way to the 40s. And over time they went out of fashion.

Women, on the other hand, went from casual to formal to a mix of both. Now, the best casino fashion for women involves high heels, long sleeveless dresses and matching accessories.

Overall, it becomes more and more clear that fashion doesn’t fade away completely. Rather it evolves and adapts to the time to suit the needs and the trends of people. So, what will you be wearing the next time you visit the casino?

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