Can’t Miss Fun in Fort Myers, Florida

The next time you’re driving around this sunny Florida city, make sure to check out all it has to offer!

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Who doesn’t love a fun in the sun vacation? If you’re itching to get away from it all and bask in the sunshine, then consider making a trip to Fort Myers, FL! This beautiful city gets on average 271 days of sunshine a year-- making it perfect to visit no matter what time of year it is! Its mild climate keeps visitors coming back for more, but there’s so much more to this Florida city than just the beaches. Okay, the beaches are amazing too, but we’ve put together this list of some of the attractions in and around Fort Myers that you simply must see. 

It’s an easy city to get around in, and it’s super easy to get a car at the Fort Myers airport rental for those destinations that are just a short drive away. So grab your suitcase, don’t forget your sunscreen, and let’s see what the can’t miss things to do are in this sunny city!

Can’t Miss Activities in Fort Myers

Sanibel and Captiva Islands Beaches

Let these islands welcome you to the Fort Myers experience

Sanibel and Captiva Islands |

Image courtesy of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The shell lined beaches of Captiva and Sanibel Islands have always made them popular tourist spots.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are one of the most popular places to visit when tourists arrive in Fort Myers. Located just a short drive or boat ride away from the city proper, these islands give you the feel of the tropics, without the long plane ride. There is so much to do on these islands besides visiting their many beaches, you might not know where to start! 

First try your hand at shelling on the beaches, since these islands both are well-known for their beautiful shells that adorn the beaches. Then maybe see what kind of water sports you can rent or even sign up for a boat cruise around the island.

Why not make a whole day out of your island excursion? Both Sanibel and Captiva have wonderful shopping districts, and a fantastic array of restaurants that offer some of the freshest seafood around.

“This was the beach we were looking for. It was quiet, full of beautiful shells, sand dunes and many different types of birds..” -Trip Advisor Review

                           Southwest FL Dolphin and Nature Cruise

Catch a glimpse of these fun creatures up close and personal!

724 Fishermans Wharf |Sanibel + Captiva Islands |

When you’re visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida, you definitely need to make time to take a dolphin spotting tour! Everyone enjoys watching these playful creatures swim and jump to their heart’s content-- they seem to genuinely enjoy making people smile. These tours will get you off the shore and right into the playground of these gentle creatures. 

Image courtesy of SW Florida Dolphin Eco Tours. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a perfect picture of a dolphin!

There are all kinds of options to customize your tour according to the needs of your group, and the expert guides will make sure to get you some amazing pictures of dolphins that will last a lifetime. Sometimes there’s even a manatee sighting as well!

“We had the best time! Highly recommended. If you're looking for a knowledgeable guide and a comfortable boat, this is the one. We've been on many dolphin cruises, but this was my family's favorite!” -Trip Advisor Review


Manatee Park

No visit to Fort Myers would be complete without a manatee sighting

10901 State Road 80 | Fort Myers Beach |

Visit this park for the chance to get a sighting of these shy, friendly creatures. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Manatees are perhaps only second to alligators when it comes to iconic Florida animals. These large “sea cows” are the real gentle giants of the Gulf Coast, and people flock to the Fort Myers area each year to catch of glimpse of them. The Manatee Park is a great place to try and see these creatures, and their sightings tend to increase in the winter months when the water cools down.

These beautiful creatures are just as curious about you as you are of them! Image courtesy of Florida Rambler

You can choose to take out a row boat, kayak, or even a canoe on these protected waters to get a first hand look at the manatees who pop in for a visit. Who knows, you might come face to face with one of these adorable animals!

“Definitely worth your time when in the area, you will see manatees for sure when the air is cool. Try the local kayaking trip to get up close.” -Trip Advisor Review

Make Some Time for a Little Bit of  Culture

The Imaginarium

Get your science fix at this Fort Myers history and science center

                                                                2000 Cranford Ave. | Fort Myers |

Let your imagination soar at the exhibits for all ages at the Imaginarium. Image courtesy of Imag

This is a fantastic museum that deserves a visit when you’re in the Fort Myers area. If you are interested in history or science, or just like to learn new things, this place is for you. The Imag has over 60 hands-on exhibits, that really allow for a deeper understanding of how stuff works. You can pet a stingray, feed fish, and learn about all kinds of animals in their live encounters shows.


But the Imag doesn’t stop there, it is also at the forefront of the latest technologies to explain the challenges of being an astronaut via simulation technology. There are also other exhibits where you can learn to use VR to visit all kinds of places on this world, as well as the solar system!

Learn about different species of animals, and how to work your own personal virtual reality-- all at one place! Image courtesy of Imag

“The IMAG is a combination of the old Museum of Science and the History Museum. It has many exhibits mainly for children, but adults can enjoy some of them, too.” -Trip Advisor Review

Image result for Shelling and the Shell Museum logo"

Shelling and the Shell Museum

Fort Myers is one of the best places for shelling

3075 Sanibel Captiva Rd. | Sanibel |

Image courtesy of Matador Network. The Shell Museum is a fantastic place to learn about all the types of shells you’ve collected on your trip.

Shelling is one of the most popular things to do in Fort Myers, so feel free to visit any of the beaches of Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, or Captiva Island to start your seashell collection. Because of the warm tides that come in from the Gulf, there are all kinds of seashells that are left on the shores each night. You’ll want to visit the Shell Museum to find out what kind of animals previously called your shells home!


After visiting the Shell Museum, consider heading on over to the Shell Factory and Nature Park, which is the world’s largest shell retail store. Here you’ll find all kinds of unique ideas for gifts, as well as quite a beautiful collection of jewelry. This store is full of all kinds of souvenirs to bring home from your trip to Fort Myers that are sure to make you smile.

There are so many beautiful shells on the beaches of Fort Myers, you might come home with quite a collection! Image courtesy of Getting Stamped

“Worth visiting. It's quite a display of shells from all over the world. A lot of history about shells & their uses.” -Trip Advisor Review

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Make a stop at these lovely homes and surrounding gardens

2350 McGregor Blvd. | Altamont Manor |

These beautiful homes and grounds have been lovingly restored. Image courtesy of Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford developed a deep friendship while they were employed at the Detroit Edison Illuminating Company. When Mr. Edison was looking for a winter house in a warmer climate, he immediately fell in love with the weather of Fort Myers. His friend Henry Ford bought the place next store, and both developed their houses and grounds into beautiful estates.

Both inventors loved the warm weather and welcoming hospitality of Fort Myers. Image courtesy of Must Do.

Today both estates have been restored to their 1929 appearances, and people visit from all over the world. Visitors can explore both homes, gardens, Edison’s laboratory, swimming pool complex, and Edison’s study. 


“This is a part of American history that deserves a visit. Very interesting guided tour through the property gives an idea about how was life then and how these two geniuses interacted.” -Trip Advisor Review

Fantastic Dining Options in Fort Myers for One and All

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Can you solve the crime in time for dinner?

                                                                2805 Colonial Blvd. | Fort Myers |

The show on this train is sure to be like nothing you’ve ever encountered before! Image courtesy of Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary while you’re in Fort Myers, look no further than the Murder Mystery Dinner Train. At this show, you will enjoy a five course gourmet meal while a live murder mystery is acted out for your viewing pleasure on the dinner cars. You’ll need to put your thinking cap on as you try to figure out who dunnit before the close of dinner!

Use the clues to solve the crime, and maybe you can win the prize if you can solve it in the end! Image courtesy of Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

Each passenger can write down clues as they appear, and there is a prize for the sleuth who is able to correctly solve the crime! There are a couple of different shows each year, so be sure to check back and find one that appeals to you!

“A wonderful time on the train. The food was amazing along with the play. It was great having the actors interact with diners. A fun evening for sure.” -Trip Advisor Review

Dixie Fish Co.

Get your fill of fresh seafood and live music at this local favorite

714 Fishermans Wharf | Mantaza Pass |

Their oceanfront location gives this restaurant easy access to fresh fishermans’ catches-- ensuring you get the best seafood around. Image courtesy of Dixie Fish Co

When you think of the Gulf coast, you most likely think of the abundant seafood that is also there, and all the delicious ways it can be prepared! The Dixie Fish Co. has been hauling in fresh, daily catches since they start of the commercial fishing industry in Fort Myers, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. The original structure housing the dining area is still standing, even after weathering many hurricanes. This restaurant is consistently brought up as one of the best oceanfront dining spots in the city.

There is live music most nights at the Dixie Fish Co., so whether you’re a local or a tourist, grab a waterfront table and relax to some great tunes while you enjoy the view-- and the seafood!

“Waterfront dining .... what a great view of the water...Great casual atmosphere with live music. Great food.” -Trip Advisor Review

Fresh Catch Bistro

An elegant restaurant providing the best food and service

3040 Estero Blvd. | Fort Myers Beach |

Whether you stop in for dinner or drinks, you’re going to love the atmosphere of this restaurant. Image courtesy of @freshcatchbistro on Instagram

This waterfront restaurant is definitely one of the restaurants all visitors should try-- as long as they love fresh, delicious seafood, and enjoy impeccable service! The chef here prides himself on giving customers an amazing dining experience-- and fresh fish is served daily, along with local meats, fruits and vegetables.

The welcoming Fort Myers hospitality is appreciated by all who come in to dine, have cocktails, and enjoy one of the famous Gulf sunsets. Make sure to stop at this spot on your visit to Fort Myers!

“The lobster bisque, key lime martini & blackened scallops were all very tasty! View of the sunset was great & we enjoyed our time here for dinner.” -Trip Advisor Review

Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Things to Do, See, and Eat in Ft. Myers, FL!

Fort Myers is packed full of so many things to experience, it is tough to put them all in one list. This should give you a broad scope of what this city can offer, and offer some places to explore when you start your Fort Myers adventure!

What are your favorite things to do and see in Fort Myers? Share your suggestions with us on Facebook.

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