Can Spending Time With a Baby Increase the Chance of a Natural Conception?

Are Babies the Secret to Conception?

 If you spend time around a baby, can it boost your fertility? This theory has been stated time and time again when women who previously carried a child with the help of IVF treatments find themselves able to conceive naturally. While this is an interesting theory, fertility experts claim it has no merit.However, the phenomenon of conceiving naturally after an IVF pregnancy is not as uncommon as one might think. A study from France found that in 2,000 couples who conceived with IVF, 17 percent were able to also conceive naturally after their first birth. Ultimately, this happenchance typically has more to do with lifestyle and hormones than the amount of time spent with a baby.To learn more about the factors that may affect natural conception after IVF, keep reading here.  

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