BINTO brings fertility products and knowledge to women's doorsteps

Article on BINTO Provided by Philly Voice.

A new company in Philadelphia wants to start a conversation surrounding fertility, an issue that’s often treated as taboo, by literally bringing it to women’s doorsteps.

BINTO, which stands for Bun In The Oven, is a subscription-based box of individualized, medically approved women’s health and fertility products that are mailed to customers on a month-to-month basis.

The products vary from woman to woman and from month to month, depending on the customer’s life stages and personal experiences. They range from pre-pregnancy products and menstrual support to prenatal and postnatal care and infertility support if necessary.

Founder and CEO Suzie Welsh, a certified nurse from Philadelphia and a former employee at a fertility health center associated with the University of Pennsylvania Health System, where the idea for the business was born, said as a fertility care nurse she often met with women seeking expert advice on products and information and feeling overwhelmed.

BINTO aims to take away that stress by sending women the best of the products they need, like prenatal vitamins, chemical-free menstrual products and multivitamins, as well as by providing easy-to-read women’s health and fertility information online.

“We hope to carry women through from their first period to fertility, to prenatal and beyond,” Welsh said.

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