Beyond Video Calls: Creative Ways to Use Skype for Sexual Pleasure

Last, it’s understandable how some people find the idea of ‘performing’ in real time a little daunting. This is where some of Skype’s other features come into play, such as the option of sending and receiving files. 

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They say that communication always holds the key to a healthy relationship. This indirectly suggests that platforms like Skype can be fantastic tools for keeping relationships healthy.

But when it comes to retaining that spark when you can’t be with your partner in person…well, the time comes to get a little more creative with your Skype calls.

Skype provides long-distance lovers with everything they need to satisfy themselves and their partners. It’s also the perfect tool for singles looking to hook up with hot women online by taking advantage of the very best Skype private sex services on the web.

If that’s not something you’ve tried out to date, set aside an hour or two this weekend to find out what you’ve been missing!

Either way, regular Skype video calls that go beyond basic chat can be fantastic for strengthening relationships. Not to mention enabling those involved in long-distance relationships to enjoy the satisfaction they need to prevent things from going sour.

Here’s how:

A Whole New Spin on Foreplay

For one thing, it could be that you’ll be together soon enough, but for the time being, you have to deal with a little distance. A business trip, a weekend away, maybe even a night shift with time to kill. 

In any case, Skype can be used to put a sexy spin on foreplay, getting both of you well and truly fired up for the main event. In this case, you both refrain from masturbating or really taking things any further than teasing. Instead, you aim to drive each other wild with desire, leaving the rest until you’re actually together. 

You don’t need to get naked – a few sneak-peak teasers of what’s to come can be just as hot.

Private Strip Show

Of course, there’s also no reason why you can’t take things one (big) step further. Strip shows that take place via video call can be uniquely sexy. This is something that works both ways – a reminder for some of you fellas out there! If you want your partner to put on the kind of show you’ll never forget, you need to be willing to make the same effort in return. 

The naughtiness of the whole thing, the fact that your partner is temporarily out of reach, the risk of getting caught, and the thrill of temporarily becoming an exhibitionist – are all great reasons to start using your Skype credit more creatively.

Teasing Text Messages

Sometimes – quite a lot of the time, in fact – keeping things subtle can hold the key to explosive results. On the one hand, you could treat your partner to the ultimate strip tease. 

Alternatively, you could (and at a completely random time) drop them a written Skype message telling you exactly what you plan to do to them. Or, perhaps, what you are doing to yourself right now. 

Scheduled sex calls are great, but there’s nothing quite as hot as something that comes completely out of the blue. Particularly if you immediately sign off, leaving them to let their imagination run wild.

Mutual Masturbation

The first time you indulge in mutual masturbation via a webcam, you realize entirely what all the fuss is about. As with a private strip show, something about the naughtiness and apparent risk involved in these kinds of activities makes for a mind-blowing experience. Even if you know, it’s a 100% secure link between the two of you; you still feel exposed in a way you’ve never felt before.

Something which, as any experienced exhibitionist will tell you, could change your approach to sex forever.

Recorded Clips and Snippets

Last, it’s understandable how some people find the idea of ‘performing’ in real time a little daunting. This is where some of Skype’s other features come into play, such as the option of sending and receiving files. 

If you’d prefer not to go live, you record yourself doing whatever you like and then send the file securely to your partner. Get it right, and you’ll accomplish two things at once. One of which was treating them to something seriously sexy, the other being a complete surprise they hadn’t expected. 

Of course, the benefits of prerecorded content are the ability to edit out bloopers beforehand and make sure you’re happy with what you send before you send it.

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