Astrological signs and tarot: the key to the successful lgbt relationships

If you’re a gay single who has specific tastes and is into BDSM, perhaps you’ve found the avenues where you can connect with people on your wavelength to be somewhat restricted?

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If you’re a gay single who has specific tastes and is into BDSM, perhaps you’ve found the avenues where you can connect with people on your wavelength to be somewhat restricted? After all, if you’ve tried connecting with other guys in ‘mainstream’ clubs and trendy bars, you can’t always predict how another single might react if you were to announce your ‘guilty secret’ of being into kinky sex! Our hot tip would be to go online. There are a lot of websites that would be perfect for finding your match. Before we go any further into this, have you also considered the part that destiny might play in seeking your ideal gay BDSM partner?! If you’re in the habit of reading your stars, astrology and tarot can play a part. Intrigued? Then read on.

Finding the ideal lgbtq service

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of a hot relationship with another gay guy (or guys!) who are turned on by kinky encounters, then it’s worth referring to a gay BDSM dating site. It would be wise to begin by checking out the reviews of the various options within this exciting niche, looking into assessments of which sites or apps offer the most streamlined services for their members. Don’t worry if you’ve always considered yourself to be a little shy or awkward when flirting with other gay hunks – you’ll find the online environment is also conducive to discreet and frank conversations about BDSM. You can even adopt dating shortcuts before you begin exchanging messages, by sending a ‘wink’ to another gay member or adding a ‘like’ to his page.

Do algorithms work?

This is the million-dollar question for many gay singles who might be new to Internet dating. Will this matchmaking outlet guarantee to find you someone suitable for a kinky partnership, with or without the bonus of offering advice based on your respective star signs? The answer to that question is, of course! The computer programs operating on these sites will seek out like-minded individuals, then provide you with a shortlist of appropriate people. You can also tailor your search forms according to parameters. You could always make it clear you are interested in gay BDSM get-togethers, are keen on astrology, and keep a pack of tarot cards at home! In no time, your inbox is liable to be deluged with offers from excited single gays.

Discreet communication platforms

What site members most relish about these platforms is the way you can take your time developing a rapport with the other site members. An LGBTQ website will certainly provide you with the contact details of other singles. But gay males gravitate to these sites because they are more than simply matchmaking outlets. They are social hubs where you can introduce yourself to a cross-section of willing partners for BDSM relationships. If this is something new to you, head over to the chat rooms and interact with others who are in the same position of being curious about this sort of activity. You’ll come across some users with bondage experience and the dom/sub dynamic. They’ll be only too keen to pass on advice, possibly with suggestions about places in your neighborhood that would be amenable to this sort of action!

Is your destiny written in the stars?

A lot of gay males are really into astrology and tarot. While they might not allow the revelations of readings to dictate 100% of their behavior, they’ll be prepared to consider some of the findings. It can also help to inject a blossoming relationship with a frisson of mystery! It would help if you appreciated which signs were most compatible. These can be sub-divided into their elemental influences at their most basic level. The so-called Fire signs are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. Water signs? Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Air? Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. And finally, the Earth signs. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. If you think your sign is going to clash with another dude, all you have to do is make the familiar argument of opposites attracting!

Tarot cards are a little more complicated and nuanced but remain another excellent way of enhancing any courtship with color. Producing tarot cards during your date, and doing some readings, can be an excellent icebreaker for the early stages of your relationship.

When it comes to dating online, you might be skeptical about outside influences beyond a website’s intrinsic matchmaking properties. But at the very least, astrology and tarot reading can inject courtship with a hint of mystery. Not to mention fun. Certain star signs are known to be stronger than others, so you never know how crucial this aspect could be for helping you get the most out of a kinky gay partnership. You won’t know until you look into it more closely!

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