A Leading Fertility Clinic Looks at the Increasing Need for Fertility Treatment

The Impact of Delaying Parenthood

Medicover Fertility Clinic in North India takes a look at the increasing demand for fertility treatments to determine why this is. The leading fertility treatment provider uncovers that the popular choice of delaying parenthood and choosing to have children at a later stage in marriage has changed the game for men and women trying to have a baby. Female fertility tends to reduce with age, making it more difficult to conceive naturally, which then leads to the decision to rely on IVF. Aside from the age factor, let's not forget that 15% of men suffer from some sort of infertility and nearly 20% of women have infertility problems no matter what age they are. This study digs deeper to discover other factors playing into fertility and shares the array of treatments the Medicover Fertility Clinic offers to help couples get pregnant, despite their infertility troubles.

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