7 Tips to Staying Sane During Fertility Treatments

How to Take Care of Yourself Emotionally During the Trials of IVF

While IVF is a medical miracle in many ways, it's also mentally, physically and financially exhausting. It may seem impossible to stay sane while going through these treatments but I've provided some tips on how you can try.

1. Research your options

Before you rush into anything, take the time to research so you can be aware of any anticipated medical procedure and locate the best doctor and treatment center that will make the hefty price tag worth it. It's also crucial to understand any pros and cons, side effects and possible complications you may run into. Ask as many questions as you can to your medical providers to help you mentally prepare for the journey ahead.

2. Have a support system

The IVF process can feel isolating especially if you don't know any other women who have personally gone through it themselves. Find a friend, family member, or a woman who shares this experience to talk to and confide in. Having someone to share the ups and downs with that you trust will make the experience much more manageable.

3. Remember that fertility treatments are also hard on your partner

You're not in this alone, but relying on your partner for support simply won't be enough. That's why I've included step #2. Of course this will be something you discuss together regularly, but don't let it take over your lives and strain your relationship. Remind yourself that this is tough on them too and find time to take your minds off of it and just unwind.

4. Go easy on yourself

Try boosting your mood by reflecting and focusing on self-care to get yourself through this process. You can't spend this time beating yourself up and flooding your mind with negative thoughts. Find something relaxing that makes you feel good, such as yoga, daily meditation, or even consider writing down your daily thoughts in a journal. Put yourself first and do things that make you happy. Yes, ladies, you should treat yourself to dessert or a pedicure.

5. Prepare for changes in your body

The list of side effects from IVF are endless but some of the most common include mood swings, weight gain, bloating and pounding headaches. Remind yourself that your body is preparing for a baby so these changes are all part of the process.

6. Accept and welcome help

Small gestures from friends and family such as a meal can make a huge difference. You'll be exhausted and probably have little time to plan and prepare a meal. Since a healthy nutrition is more important now than ever, now's not the time to skip a meal or break out the ramen noodles for a quick fix. It's perfectly ok to allow friends or family to help out with housework as well.

7. Tackle the two-week wait

Waiting for those two weeks to find out whether you're pregnant or not can be the longest and most daunting two weeks of your life. Keep yourself busy and focused during that time so you aren't driving yourself totally crazy obsessing over the results. Infertility treatments can be testing, but in order to stay sane, you'll need to prepare yourself for what۪s to come and put yourself first when the going gets tough. Although it's difficult, it'll all be worth it when you welcome a beautiful baby into the world.

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