6 Things You Need to Do After Buying a House

It is finally the day. You own your very own home. Choose your favorite paint to cover the walls, and maybe knock down one or two.

It is finally the day. You own your very own home. Choose your favorite paint to cover the walls, and maybe knock down one or two. Get a nail gun and hang your family and friend's portrait by the staircase. You no longer need to seek the permission of your landlord! However, if you do not wish to be bumping your head into the walls later on, here is a checklist of 6 things you should get to after becoming a homeowner.

1)   Get Your Locks Changed

You do not want strangers sleeping in your house or giving the previous owners uninvited access. Change your locks immediately. If a security system is installed, acquire the codes to it and enter new ones. Pro tip: Hide a spare key outside your house. Hundreds of new homeowners get locked out of their place every day!

2)   Don't Forget The Utilities

Often new homeowners forget to hook up their essential utilities before moving. Get in touch with the local technicians to set up an appointment. Some places will come with utilities included. Ask the previous owners to clear any outstanding debts and move the bills to your name. You do not want to get stuck on-call support for two hours.


3)   Review Your Documentation

Warranties, insurance, and a ton of documentation are always a hassle. This is why it’s important for you to review your documents and the fine print. To be sure, it’s a good idea to have an expert in preparing of documents for property ownership transfer have a look at the document. Make sure that you’re using a reliable source for this.  Each detail is crucial and is revised thoroughly to ensure that everything is perfect for you!


4)   Change Your Mail

Constant calls to the old apartment's tenants and trips back and forth are no fun. Get in touch with your local mail delivering agency to forward your mail to the new address. Keep in mind that it is temporary, and you will need to change your mailing address on your banking statements and subscriptions.


5)   Early Spring Cleaning

You should scrub every part of your new house no matter what time of the year! You will be surprised to find what is hiding beneath the sinks and if the gutters will flood the moment a bucket of water is drained. Start off with your room and the kitchen. Make your way to the garage and the attic later onwards.

6)   Know Your Neighbors And Surroundings

You can have a home and still be lost in the new neighborhood. Take a look around and get in touch with your neighbors. They will know the places where you can get the best deals! Once you are finally settled in, throw a housewarming party and get acquainted with your lifelong neighbors and hopefully new friends!

You would think that buying a new home is the hard part. Surprisingly, it does not get any easier in the months to come. The checklist goes on, and you will be ticking boxes for a long time. However, once you are at the doorstep of your new home, you will realize that the effort was a small price to pay for the long-term comfort!

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