6 Sustainable Pet Brands that You, Your Pup, & the Planet Will Love

Eco-friendly Living isn’t Just for your Two-legged Friends, anymore!

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Striving for a More Environmentally Conscious Species

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact your pet makes? Although we as humans have been the chosen species assigned to the care and well-being of this planet we all live on, as a whole, it wouldn’t exactly be true to say we’ve done a good job. Between us people and the rest of the animals on this planet, we are *obviously* the most evolved species here, and should be handling the great responsibility of caring for our home accordingly. 

And, are we?



We exploit our planet and drain it of its natural resources to fulfill our selfish needs for more stuff, faster. Convenience and ease are being traded for quality, sustainable goods. 

But, luckily, (most of us) humans are slowly (but surely) becoming aware of our negative impact on the environment. How we affect the planet as a species has proved to be pretty bad up to this point—but more and more, we are starting to look for different ways to lessen our carbon footprint and starting to look for new and innovative methods to stay conscious of the weight of our everyday choices.

For example—one way we can control our environmental impact is by staying mindful while shopping or purchasing new items online (check out some other great businesses that support sustainable practices here)! 

It’s important to keep in mind that as individuals, as eco-warriors fighting for our planet, we have the power as consumers to influence better corporate practices. We can rally for things like making manufacturing processes more sustainable, and making sure how materials are sourced becomes more ethical, too!

We hold the power as a nation of shoppers to extend the movement and push for large companies to make positive changes for our Mother Earth! 

Reducing Carbon Pawprints!

So…yeah…pets are adorable, downright “aww”-inspiring little companions to have around. 

BUT—if you’re like the majority of Americans today—you most likely own a pet that’s leaving a heavier carbon footprint than you realize. 

Due to trends in recent years pushing for higher quality ingredients in dog and cat food, the amount of food byproduct waste being produced by large pet supply corporations is rapidly becoming a larger and more serious issue. 

If you’re doing your best to live ethically, it makes sense to include the people (and animals) in your sustainable lifestyle! You might think it’d prove to be more work than it’s worth to live as an eco-conscious pet parent, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

There are so many awesome sustainable pet brands out there that help make it an easy, enjoyable, and rewarding journey to environmental wellness, all while caring for your fur-ever friend!

Read on to learn more!

6 Sustainable Pet Brands that You, Your Pup, & the Planet will Love

1. Harry Barker

Around since 1997, the guys over at Harry Barker know a thing or two about being an environmentally friendly, luxury pet brand. With pet products that look more like pieces of minimalist decor than animal supplies, this company will cater to the sophisticated, yet understated pets out there while making your living space all the prettier! 

Whether you’re looking for a specialty, fluffy pink bathrobe for your pampered kitty, or just a reusable chow canister for your hungry mutt, Harry barker is a sustainable pet brand that is sure to be up your alley!

Harry Barker is a sustainable pet brand that combines luxury and ethical practices! Image courtesy of Harry Barker

Based in: Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. A

Products Highlights: Luxury pet bedding and toys designed with classic home decor elements in mind

Sustainability Claims: Uses recycled & sustainable materials, Quality made products meant to last

P.S, they just released the absolute cutest Disney brand collaboration for all of the pet and owner fanatics, so be sure to check them out!

2. Doggy Do Good

You probably don’t think twice about what happens to your pooch’s number two after you bag it and toss it, but sustainable pet waste brand Doggy Do Good does!

Image courtesy of Doggy Do Good®

Based in: Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S.A

Products Highlights: Compostable pet waste bags

Sustainability Claims: 100% Certified HOME compostable products, 

The cool folks at this eco-conscious company are on a mission to bring vegetable-based pet waste disposal bags onto the pet supply market. Family-owned and based in Royal Oak, Michigan, this business is also a huge source of donations for lots of animal shelters and sanctuaries across the country. 

Talk about doing good while smelling anything but

3. Full Moon 

Caption Image courtesy of Chewy.com

Full Moon is an all-natural dog treat company that is committed to using no artificial ingredients or artificial anything in their treats. 

Based in: Kings Mountain, North Carolina, U.S.A

Products Highlights: Human-grade, all-natural, quality pet treats

Sustainability Claims: Only sources from farms with cage-free, ethical animal agricultural practices, 100% made and sourced in the U.S, 

These savory snacks for your four-legged friend are apparently also 100% “Human Grade” and kitchen crafted, meaning even owners could take a nibble. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you want to try them, too (they look that good)!

Be sure to check out Full Moon here for so many more options of organic treats!

4. earthbath

These wipes are perfect for pets with sensitive (but smelly) skin! Image Courtesy of earthbath®

Based in: San Francisco, California, U. S. A

Products Highlights: Hypo-allergenic pet hygiene products made with convenience as a main priority

Sustainability Claims: Uses ethically sourced, plant-derived, and coconut-based cleansers in their products, members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (a non-profit organization that promotes reduced pet environmental impact on the globe!)

Sometimes, as a pet parent, you just simply don’t have the time to bathe your pet if they’ve gotten themselves into a messy predicament, or just are smelling a bit wilder than you’d like. Luckily, it doesn’t get any easier than earthbath pet wipes! These wipes are hypo-allergenic for your fur baby with sensitive skin!

Claiming to be “Pet Care with a Purpose”, earthbath balances the love of animals with the love of the earth. 

Good for the planet and good for my sensitive-skinned pup? Sign me Up! 

5. Noggins and Binkles

Leather is much more stylish for everyone when it’s ethically sourced, and best of all, vegan! Image courtesy of Noggins and Binkles

Based in: The United Kingdom

Products Highlights: Waterproof pet (and human) accessories and toys made with ethically sourced vegan cork leather

Sustainability Claims: Uses all-natural, vegan materials to manufacture products, PETA partner and Companion Animal Award Winner  

Who says your pet can't fight for responsible business practices and look cute? 

Noggins and Binkles (named after the founder’s own two cats) is a luxury, ethical vegan pet brand based and manufactured in the United Kingdom. This company specializes in faux-leather boutique items, using ethically sourced vegan cork leather! 

Unlike some of the other entries in this list, Noggins and Binkles makes accessories for humans, too! Finally! You can twin with your animal-bestie and rock some sustainable style!

6. Carefresh

Natural options like this pet bedding can work just as well if not better than synthetic alternatives! Image courtesy of The Good Trade

Based in: Ferndale, Washington, U.S.A

Products Highlights: Dust-free, small animal pet bedding

Sustainability Claims: Uses raw, all-natural fibers in making their small animal bedding products

Non-consumptive habits shouldn’t be limited to just cat and dog owners! Even the smallest of pets can now have even the tiniest of their carbon footprints reduced by using sustainable pet products like Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Plus, because of the naturally sourced materials and waste-conscious manufacturing processes used for their small pet bedding, you are guaranteed a 99% dust-free experience and the softest, driest bedding for your little critters! Carefresh is a great example of how consciously-sourced products can work just as efficiently for us and our pets as they can for our planet! 

Time to Treat Yo’ Pet (and our Mother Earth)!

Young smiling man in blue shirt holds German Shepherd dog outside
Be sure to check out the variety of products offered by sustainable pet brands listed in this article!

The impact we as humans and our furry companions have on the Earth is very real. We must stay aware of what possible consequences even the tiniest of our actions and most menial of our decisions have on this planet. If we are going to call Mother Earth home, we have to keep her healthy and make sure she is able to provide for us, her people, for ages to come!

See how fulfilling and cool it can be to explore the world of sustainable pet ownership? You don’t have to make the sacrifice of quality or a sacrifice of convenience in order to bring eco-friendly practices into your and your pet’s daily routine. Now, it’s time to treat your pets and the earth! 

Which sustainable pet brand was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!  

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