5 Questions You Should Be Asking Fertility Clinics

Research before choosing!


How does one decide which fertility clinic is best? Before jumping into a clinic, and especially a treatment, make sure you have all the information laid out in front of you. It’s important to make the best choice for you!

What is the success rate?

Knowing what actual success rates are can give you a good idea about what conceiving will look like. Ask for statistics on numbers of birth, number of pregnancies, and age as a factor.

Is the treatment specific to me?

Whatever treatment you choose will be for a certain reason. Most likely because it will fit so well within your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. Ask if treatment alternatives are individualized in any way so that you can get the perfect fit for you.

What does the support look like?

No treatment is perfect. Patients can experience all sorts of emotions, side effects, and stress when trying to conceive. Perhaps one clinic offers a weekly support group, and another offers one-on-one counseling. Comparing the perks and benefits can be useful.

What is the wait period?

Deciding which fertility clinic and which treatment to undergo is a timely process. Unfortunately, the waiting has hardly even begun. Wait periods can vary, but patients can wait for months on end for a donor. Wait time is typically due to availability shortages.

How close is the clinic?

Location, location, location. Engaging in fertility treatment is a time commitment. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a clinic that is too out of the way. You will regularly be visiting the clinic, and this way you can save on travel time and costs.

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