5 Fun Facts About Corgis

Corgis were originally bred for herding purposes, but they have since been known as great family pets. These compact canines have caught the charm of many, including members of the royal family. 

They have assisted many groups of people throughout history, and it isn’t hard to see why corgis are a favorite breed for many. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about corgis. 

Two Breeds Of Corgi

Firstly, there are two variants of the iconic Welsh corgi, the Pembroke Welsh corgi, and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. They actually descend from slightly different ancestors, which is why they are recognized as two separate breeds. 

The Cardigan Welsh corgi is easier to spot, as they don’t have tails. This is a result of centuries of tail docking, which led to these canines being born with very short tails that look like tiny stumps. Many Cardigan Welsh corgis look tailless altogether. 

Pembroke Welsh corgis date back to the tenth century, and they have noticeably pointier ears in comparison. Check out https://petdt.com/blue-heeler-corgi-mix/ for more detail about how the different breeds differ. 

Ridden By Fairies

Corgis are considered to be enchanted by many, who believe that they were a favorite for fairies and elves. This is partially because of their very short legs, which helped pull the magical carriages and act as their steeds during battle. 

Some corgis’ coat patterns also appear to suggest very faint outlines of a saddle and harness. Welsh legend has named corgis enchanted dogs, and it was believed that they helped the magical creatures at night. 

Their name can be roughly translated in Welsh to ‘dwarf dog’, too. 

Royal Friends

It’s no secret that corgis have a big place in the hearts of the British royal family. Queen Elizabeth II has had more than thirty corgis in her lifetime, and they have served her well. 

She was first introduced to a corgi in 1933 when King George VI brought home a male named Dookie from a kennel. Her royal highness fell in love with the corgi, as did princess Margaret. 

Unfortunately, the last of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis have passed away. However, there are two remaining dorgis, which are corgis that have been bred with dachshund. 

Corgis have earned themselves a huge amount of respect from the royal family, and stealing any corgi can actually leave you with a hefty fine to pay under Welsh law. 

Celtic Warriors

The Cardigan Welsh corgi were originally brought to Cardiganshire, Wales in 1200 BC by a Celtic warrior tribe. In their aboriginal form, corgis were used to help with herding cattle on grazing pastures. 

The small dogs nipped at the feet of cattle to get them all together. It is believed that their petite build allowed them to navigate underneath cattle without getting harmed. Corgi is actually a translation from Celtic for ‘dog’. 

Corgis have historically earned their keep by serving, protecting, and accompanying some of the toughest humans, like Vikings and Celts. 

They Love The Cold

Thanks to their double coat which keeps them warm and weatherproof, corgis can enjoy the colder weather with ease. They love running around in the snow, and can handle temperatures as cold as minus 50 Fahrenheit. 

Corgis inner coat is far softer than the external coat, which helps keep them warm. Their outer layer is known as the guard coat, because it protects them from cold temperatures, excessive rainfall, and more. 

The undercoat is the common cause of excess shedding in corgis, so make sure you know how to handle that! Perhaps this is due to the corgis’ shared ancestor with huskies. 


Corgis are an interesting breed of dog that have an even more intriguing history. The two main breeds are the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi, which are easier to notice because they usually have very short or no tail. 

Legend says that corgis were ridden into battle by fairies and elves, which is why their markings show faint signs of tiny saddles. Corgis have historically been hardworking companions for many, such as the Vikings, Celts, and of course the British royal family. 

Corgis are highly charming little creatures that have certainly proven themselves to be ideal companions to many. They were originally seen as excellent herding animals due to their short stature, but they are some of the most well-loved pets nowadays. It isn’t hard to see why corgis have such a big place in many people’s hearts. 

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