5 foods to avoid and 5 to enjoy while trying to conceive.

Some foods are good for fertility and others not so much

When you’re trying to conceive you may think what you eat doesn’t matter. But there is information that shows there are some foods that are great for helping to conceive and other foods that aren’t so good. Don’t worry though, we will guide you through some of these foods and tell you which is good for you and which aren’t so good.

The Good Foods

These foods help you increase your rate of fertility

  1. Salmon
cooked salmon
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Omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders to regulate the blood flow to the reproductive organs and Salmon is full of them! Omega-3 Fatty acids are one fat you don’t want to cut back on. These healthy fats contain EPA and DHA that help in many things other than blood flow to your reproductive organs like lowering elevated triglycerides levels, which put you at a higher risk for heart disease.  You can find EPA and DHA in both salmon and fish oil. The DHA is important for visual and neurological development for infants.

  1. Berries
various berries
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Who doesn’t love berries? These sweet and delicious fruits don’t just taste good, these little things can help you with some fertility issues! All kinds of berries do a good job of protecting eggs and slowing down the eggs aging process because berries are full of antioxidants. Strawberries have also been linked to increasing a women’s libido naturally.

  1. Oysters
plate of oysters
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Oysters are known to be good at helping fertility. Since oysters are packed with zinc, they are a great source for fertility. The zinc oysters contain helps to increase production of high quality eggs.

  1. Seaweed
bowl of seaweed
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Seaweed might seem like a strange thing to eat. The main reason people eat seaweed is because it’s full of nutrients. These nutrients help to enrich the liver, kidneys, the bladder and adrenals. The adrenals and these other nutrients enrich organs that are vital to fertility. The high iodine content of this veggie cleanses the heavy metal in your body. The high fiber content in seaweed helps to fortify your blood sugar levels and gets rid of excess estrogen in the body.

  1. Beans
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Beans are a lean protein and have lots of iron! The iron in beans help increase fertility and the libido. Low levels of iron can result in anovulation and affect your fertility by 60%. Anovulation is when ovulation doesn’t produce a healthy egg.

The Bad

Some foods you’re gonna want to avoid

  1. Red meat
Different types of red meat
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Lean towards some more vegetarian sources for protein. Researchers at Harvard have found infertility 39% more likely in women who ate a lot of animal protein. You can instead eat veggies like broccoli, edamame and lentils. You can find plenty of protein in vegetables.  Make sure to avoid things made from soy products, they aren’t good for fertility!

  1. White Bread
stack of white bread
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You’ve probably already ditched white bread because the refined carbs aren’t good for your waistline or for your time conceiving. The refined carbs are digested quickly which causes blood sugar to become unstable and makes insulin level increase. There is a simple way to switch from refined carbs to complex carbs. Just exchange your white bread for wheat bread and brown rice. These can steady your blood sugar and raise your chances of conceiving.

  1. Microwave popcorn
bag of popcorn
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Microwave popcorn has a lot of sodium. All this sodium isn’t good for pregnant women or women trying to conceive. The sodium puts them at a greater risk of infertility and reproductive problems.  Exposure to the toxic Teflon chemical known as perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA can increase the risk of infertility. This chemical is found in the lining of the popcorn bags. Don’t worry though you can still have stove top or air popped popcorn for your movie night.  

  1. Low fat yogurt
plain yogurt
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The low fat versus full fat has been going on for years. Recently, there has been a positive push in the full fat argument. Human Reproduction has done studies that found that  women who ate little or no low fat dairy products were 85% less likely to have ovulatory infertility when compared women who eat high amounts of low fat dairy products. So, you can feel free to eat and drink full fat yogurt, whole milk and even ice cream!  

  1. Alcohol
Alcoholic beverages
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We all know that drinking alcohol is a big no-no for pregnant women but for those trying to conceive drinking less can be beneficial to your infertility troubles. Women who drink at least one drink alcoholic beverage a day were at a 50% greater risk of ovulatory infertility when compared to women who don’t drink any alcohol according to a published study in the Epidemiology journal! In this study the researchers followed over 15,000 women without any history of infertility for 8 years as they were trying to get pregnant. Intakes of alcohol were a risk to ovulatory disorder infertility.

In the end...

These are just a few examples of foods that can  help to increase fertility and strengthen your libido. Since there are foods to help increase fertility there have to be some that you should avoid. The foods listed above are some examples of foods that harm your chances of ovulatory infertility and any increases in your libido.

If we forgot anything or you just have questions start a conversation in the comment sections and let us know about anything we forgot!  

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