3 Things You Should Do After a Miscarriage

Important Steps to Take During this Difficult Time

Taking other's advice is never an easy thing to do, especially if they haven't experienced what you have. Miscarriages are such a touchy topic and rightfully so. Likewise, it can be difficult to put yourself in the position of presuming to know what's best for another person when it comes to offering advice. Here are just a few things to do after a heartbreaking miscarriage. 

Stop the "what-ifs"

Questioning everything you did or didn't do in the weeks leading up to your loss can seriously drive you crazy. Whether you're thinking about the one cup of coffee you drank or your flight to Florida, these things are not your fault. A healthy pregnancy can survive even a drug addiction, as sad as that is. A cup of coffee did not cause you to lose your baby when babies addicted to hard drugs often survive. 


Get yourself moving because nothing beats endorphins when it comes to helping your mood. Go run on your lunch break, take a swim in the mornings, hike on the weekends, bike to work, whatever you find most enjoyable to take your mind off of things. 

Look towards the future 

Plan a weekend trip or just a delicious meal to prep during the week. Look into another round of IVF and don't think of this as the end. The possibility of another pregnancy should be exciting and there is plenty of hope that it can and will happen.

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