3 things that can impact fertility

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Andrew K. Moore, MD, Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist from Reproductive Care Center is talking beyond infertility and how health of both the mother and the father impacts infertility.

Field of fertility treatment has advanced more rapidly than any other field of medicine over past 30 years, so that now, vast majority of infertile couples coming in for treatment can have hope that they will be able to have children.

Thus, focus of treatment is shifting to not only achieving pregnancy, but also maximizing the health of each pregnancy

“One healthy baby” is goal: one baby at a time, healthy pregnancy for mom and baby sets the stage for a healthy life. Nutrition, healthy weight, and mental well-being of parents around the time of conception are very important.

Overweight and obesity have been rapidly increasing over past 50 years. Every woman, if she gains enough weight, will stop ovulating. This is due to Aromatase enzyme and Insulin hormone. Being overweight also decreases sperm production.

Women who do not ovulate due to increased body weight are often diagnosed with condition called “PCOS” or “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”, which happens to be the most common reason for infertility. (15-25% of all infertility is affected by weight and ovulation problems).

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