10 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Important Tips That Could Help You Conceive

This can be a touchy subject for those who never dreamed of being infertile or having difficulty conceiving. Read these health tips to help boost your chances of becoming pregnant. 

1. Eat well 

Good thing I'm not trying to get pregnant because this would not go well for me. Include protein, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin d in your daily diet. Not consuming enough of these nutrients link to longer menstrual cycles and you guessed it, less frequent ovulation. Check out these diet tips to get a sense of what to eat when trying to conceive

2. Think Before Drinking 

Obviously drinking can harm a developing fetus, but alcohol consumption can also decrease your ability to get pregnant. The same goes for caffeine intake. Although one glass of red wine likely won't deem you infertile this month, you should cut back on opening a celebratory bottle for dinner just for getting through your Monday. If you're thinking about getting pregnant, limit yourself to about one to two cups of coffee a day as well. 

3. Watch Your Weight 

Make exercising your best friend in order to maintain a healthy weight. Excess body fat can disrupt ovulation, making cycles and ovulation less regular and ultimately lessening your chances of getting pregnant. 

4. Watch Workplace Issues 

Did you know that rotating shifts can cause increased fertility problems in women? Working a steady day shift or steady night shift keeps you in healthy sleep schedule whereas switching on and off encourages sleep deprivation. 

5. No Smoking! 

Smoking causes ovaries to age and a cigarettes toxin damages a woman's eggs. Cutting cigarettes from your daily life will give your ovaries a chance to function properly. It's not too late! 

6. Know Your Cycle 

What woman doesn't know everything there is to know about their cycle? A normal cycle lasts about 21 days but if your cycle is noticeably longer then you can assume you're not ovulating as frequently. You should also be aware that a woman's chances of becoming pregnant are increased during fertile days, about four or five days before and during ovulation. 

7. Get Busy in the Bedroom 

Weekly or frequent sex helps you to conceive rather than sporadic sex. That should be no surprise to you, though. Having sex every one to two days during your fertile window is the best way to get pregnant. 

8. Be Smart with the Lubricants 

Lubricants can make it harder for sperm to reach the egg and even certain natural lubes should be avoided (you know what I'm talking about). Pre-seed is an over the counter lube that's sperm-friendly and a great alternative. 

9. Monitor His Health 

Check on your man's swimmers and make sure he is producing a healthy sperm count. A number of things may affect this such as his diet, cigarettes, or alcohol consumption. Make sure you are both taking care of your bodies and thinking ahead because it takes a man three months to make new sperm! 

10. Try to Relax as much as Possible 

It's no secret that trying to get pregnant can be extremely stressful. Stress may throw off your body's hormone production and make your menstral cycle less regular. Try yoga or meditation to calm your nerves and manage your stress in order to get your hormones back on track.

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