10 Inspiring Yogis to Follow on Instagram

These 10 Instagram yogis and their aesthetically pleasing feeds will have you ready to roll out the mat and get moving.

A woman practicing yoga.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or are just starting out, it’s always helpful to get some inspiration from your fellow yogis. These 10 Instagram yogis have calming, mindful feeds that will provide you with tutorials, classes, and lifestyle tips that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

1. Downdog Yoga 

What’s better than a free live streamed yoga class? @downdogyoga streams free classes on their Instagram on Mondays at 6 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., and Fridays at 12 p.m. With such a wide variety of times, there’s a class that can work into anyone’s schedule. They are a self-proclaimed “Welcoming Community” and advertise their “Hot Power Vinyasa” (vinyasa refers to stringing together a variety of yoga movements and moving through them using your breath). 

It doesn’t get much more convenient than setting up your phone, rolling out your mat, and getting ready to work your yoga muscles. Another added benefit of these livestreams is the sense of community you’ll feel with your fellow yoga friends who are online practicing with you.   

“Rinsing” emotions in a Downdog Yoga class. 

2. Laura Kasperzak

With over a million followers on Instagram, @lauraskykora is a self-proclaimed “#Handstand Queen.” Her passions include Crossfit and yoga, and you’re sure to get inspired by her action shots and yoga progress pictures. She also gets her daughter involved in her yoga endeavors, which makes for some great Instagram reel moments. 

Laura runs an authentic and straightforward account, sharing pictures of how her yoga has improved and also testimonies about how her mindset has improved. According to Laura, her body goal used to be “to be as skinny AF,” but since then it has become “to be strong AF.” If you want to follow someone who is open and honest about their journey, Laura is just the person you’re looking for. She embraces all the good and bad in life and uses wellness to inspire herself and others. 

Laura’s transformation pictures from 2013 and 2021. Since 2013, she has honed her yoga skills, discovered a love for CrossFit, and loves her job.

3. Kino MacGregor

Not only is @kinoyoga an impressive yogi, she’s also an author, podcaster, and YouTuber. Her Instagram is full of her practicing yoga in beautiful places, plus inspirational quotes that will help you find your zen. As Kino says, “Yoga is about the skill it takes to live life with ease and flow.” 

Kino teaches live yoga classes every week in collaboration with @omstarofficial. Plus, she’s currently participating in a daily #totalbodyflexibility challenge, and it’s not too late to join her!

Kino showing off her handstand skills on a beach in Miami Beach, Florida. She encourages her followers to not see perfection in this image, but years of failure and doubt that has led her to this moment. 

4. Strala Yoga

According to their bio, @stralayoga is all about “Yoga that feels like you.” They are a global community for yogis and have almost 41k followers on Instagram. On their page you’ll find a combination of healing yoga practices and self-care tips, all intended to help you feel like your best self. They also have their own Strala Yoga app for practicing. There’s space for everyone at Strala Yoga! 

Some self-care advice from Strala: “Now is the Time for Self Care.” 

5. Lamise Mansur

If you want to experience one of the most calming Instagram feeds ever, check out @lamise. She combines yoga with her love for photography, writing, and being a mom. Just a quick scroll through her feed will have you feeling inspired and peaceful.

She also has some great yoga outfit inspo, showing off examples of yoga outfits to fit any mood. From bright and colorful sets to cozy fits for a relaxing day, Lamise has it all. If you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated to roll out your mat and get to moving, Lamise’s feed will surely change that.

Lamise’s calming feed shows off her strength and flexibility.

6. DJ Townsel

You might recognize the name of this former NFL player, who turned to yoga to protect himself from getting serious injuries while playing football. But @dade2shelby quickly fell in love with the practice and found himself more in tune with his spiritual side. He describes himself as #RastaYogi, and promotes peace and self-acceptance with his Instagram feed. 

While yoga is predominantly practiced and promoted by women, DJ’s feed will show you that anyone can practice yoga, and that it’s never too late to start. After years of performing as a professional athlete, DJ is an inspiration when it comes to trying a new hobby and finding your inner peace.  

Once an NFL star and now a yogi, DJ Townsel’s feed is full of calming yet inspiring content that will remind you it’s never too late to try something new. 

7. Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood combines her life as a mom with her passion for yoga on her page, @melissawoodhealth. She is “All about prioritizing your peace & pilates,” and her page is a happy mix of yoga poses and mom life.  She has some great lifestyle tips on her page that will have anyone feeling pumped. She has 868k followers with whom she shares her journey.

As she writes on her website, Melissa suffered from severe anxiety and painful cystic acne for years. After trial and error, she realized that the only thing that helped her was truly taking care of herself, and she underwent a huge mental transformation. She is now a certified health coach, and created her own trademarked method called the MWH method. This method is “a series of precise low impact movements” that anyone can try.

8. Kerri Verna

Located near West Palm Beach, @beachyogagirl loves to teach yoga on the beach. Her page is full of super-quick workouts that are easy to fit into anyone’s busy schedule, and you’ll love her picturesque beach headstand photos. She also has tutorials for various yoga poses that are easy to follow. Her goal is to show everyone that you don’t need a gym to workout--as she writes in her profile, “I will make you love working out at home!”

Kerri wants everyone to be able to experience the magic of yoga and pilates alongside her, which is why she provides her followers with plenty of videos and pictures that will show them exactly how to do so. 

In this Instagram Reel, Kerri showcases a sun salutation. Her page has plenty of videos just like this that will walk you through various yoga practices and flows.

9. Brian Miller

Anyone who is nervous about practicing yoga will be instantly put at ease by the inspiring words of @brianmilleryoga, the health and wellness entrepreneur who assures his followers that even he struggles with some yoga poses, and “Any single pose should never be an end goal. Instead it should be used as a key to open the door to something new.” 

Brian has a yoga studio at his home in Montreal, but he also teaches online yoga classes. His page shows him doing some of the most complicated yoga poses in some beautiful and interesting places. He occasionally posts videos of his yoga flows, and they’re extremely impressive to watch!  

A photo of Brian posing in front of his home city, Montreal.

10. Ashley Galvin

It’s always fun to scroll through a super beachy Instagram feed, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with @ashleygalvinyoga. Ashley is a yoga instructor who lives in Hawaii and often practices her poses on the beach. Her page promotes fitness, awareness, and an active lifestyle. 

An added bonus of following Ashley is the beautiful pictures of Hawaii that make up the background of her yoga poses. She can be seen honing her skills just about anywhere, including her bathroom and kitchen. Her page will definitely have you feeling inspired. 

Ashley, showing off her flexibility along the beaches of Hawaii.

These are just a handful of the plenty of amazing yogis that you should follow on Instagram if you’re in need of some inspiration. Yoga is a practice that can benefit anyone and everyone, and even if you’re not up to doing headstands on the beach, it’s still a practice worth taking up. Remember, half the battle is getting up and moving!

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