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To read more about the brain science Kellee mentions, read our huffington post article!
Huffington Post - The Science Behind Make Love Not Trump
Hello friend! Thanks for helping out.

I swear, this will take five minutes max -- and you'll join me, Anti-Flag, Peachie (Wiz's Mom) and other PGHers in saying HELL NO to TRUMP! FYI: PGH is a swing county, he wins PGH, he wins!!!

If you scroll down you'll see we embedded the latest draft of the video, too -- we're dropping it Wednesday night during the debate, so we're working around the clock! 

Here is an example of Chris #2, the lead singer of Anti-Flag doing what we want you to do - lip-syncing the main line of the song. This is how you do it:
Step 1:

Record yourself lip-syncing the main line of this hook (listen below), with your smartphone turned horizontally.

"Yeah we making love, we ain't taking Donald Trump's shit"

If you want, wear something to represent PGH or yourself/band/company/crew!
Step 2 (optional):

If you're feeling super pumped to be in this, you can listen to the whole song (lyrics and Soundcloud below) and send us a video of other parts, too!
Step 3: 

Email it to me (

From now through the election we will be using your clips to do more projects and rally everybody behind #MakeLoveNotTrump -- Follow me on social media to see the action @KelleeMaize !
THANK YOU SO MUCH, lots of love,
Here are the lyrics!

Ay yo, the biggest motherlover in the room, yeah, you know it's me
And I will be hating, Pittsburgh swing-stating this locally
Globally, Trump could be on top soon
See he wouldn’t agree, a lady first, u best vote, boo
He raped his ex-wife and blamed her for his pain   
He said he’d date his daughter brags ‘bout sexual escapades
Wants to push all muslims out and build up barricades
Encourage violence in public, you hear 'em talkin' rubbish
His dad called him a king, hitler speeches by his bed
It’s what he studying, hateful language in his head
And the KKK endorses e’rrything that he do
Calls Mexicans rapists and junkies can't believe it's true

Yeah we making love, we ain’t taking Donald Trump’s shit
Loser think he winning, Hitler’s blonde twin
Yeah we making love, we ain’t taking Donald Trump’s shit
Says he full of money, I call bullshit
Yeah we making love, we ain’t taking Donald Trump’s shit
“Make America Hate”, that hypocrite
Yeah we making love, we ain’t taking Donald Trump’s shit
Actin’ like an addict, not president

Trump can’t take over the world, yeah that makes this lover mad
That's why I think it’s so sad, they see this crazy life he has and they in awe
He can't win, we must make him lose or draw
It’s a sin, with his bros don't respect girls, for shock and awe
Don't let hate take over us while his policy entraps
Hate can’t take the world, bigger rich and poor gaps
Stuck inside booby trap, they see the crazy life he has  
The system broke but don’t vote you vote for him - and it’s a wrap  

Three divorces, four bankruptcies, Trump Taj closed,
Mad lawsuits for Trump University and y’all know
Insulted countless women always a foul remark
Thinks that women can’t be a mom and also work
He said pumping breastmilk is disgusting I am a mom, so for sure I am not trusting
A man who doesn’t respect natural ways to feed my child
His policy vile, he believes in racist profile
Publically mocked a disabled reporter
His trade policies would make e’rryone poorer
Said he could kill someone on Fifth and still get elected
Please America, let’s make sure our kids are protected