Say Watcha Want

Holding him closely

And it feels like ill fall

My body is here mostly

And my soul heres the call

My gut is ghostly

But i gave it my all

My girls there getting toasty

But ill bring them along

Say watcha want

Say watcha need

The time is now

Its the time indeed

Open your heart let your brain free

The way we'll start

Energy you'll bleed

You got my air

Im your friend

Type me your vision and press send

I got your back

I can defend

There is no start

There is no end

The clock inside

Hold my redmpemptioon

And im very near to reach my ascention

I hope you understand

I have good intentions

And theres a road to hell that I will never mention

I am right here and now file for an extension

And we are all together now

There is no excp.

To finish all my work

I steadily kept venting

I never benn very good at handling rejec.

Depres ofton cause serious infection

She denied me twice

Kinda caused regression

And i was often scared of boys and erection

Wasnt bout my body, but my heart needed protection

Planning a take over

Universal intervention

We are all of earth

And she needs well respected

I will stop the virus

Please no more injection

And you do not know me

Please with the correction


Forgive me for so ofton not giving you attention

I will gladly listen now

Give me your suggestion

Create and heard from dust

Crystals hold the lesson

Ipf running for election

I am steadily building my collection

Of bad ass women seeking more than perfection

I am just liek you

You are my invention

Both sides of the mirror

We'll create reflection

Sometimes hard to funxtion

I feel a new something

Mans world assumption

Release all my judgement

We went out to lunch

We been right here punchin

Cause for injunxtion

And we all ben rushin

I been on my knees

I can hear the please of the poor and weak and i watch them bleed

Powers that be

Not saying please

Taken what they want not what they need


Wait for the signal

Frequency will mathc

Vibrat pivotal

Im spinning to fast

My breath im slowing down

I hope this will last

We speak without talking

Third eye feels a blast

Theres no time for sulking

Its been written and it shall pass

Asention i am stalking

Im erasing all my wraith

Goodbye to my ego

Im now on the path

My aura is pulsing

My palm shows my map