Imagine a place

Where all your dreams could come true

Don't you realize the race is only in you

Where you could release your worry

No longer hurry, drop your judge and jury

See strait, no longer blurry, stop on by

I make a mean tofu curry

Tryna eat raw now to raise vibrations

Poppin cats claw, to kill the infestations

Parasitic information, inside everybody in this nation

Hoping the concept of Peaceburgh becomes a sensation

I’ve been patiently, waiting

And all my friends are occupiers, naturopaths, gardeners, yogi's, visionaries

Following fairies, make it matter, reiki masters

We gather to stop disaster

And the times just going faster

Know you have love to send power to the blasters

Blowing up our earth, sewing up the skirts

Separating us from our place of birth

[Hook 2x]

Have you heard

About a magic place

We like to call it Peaceburgh

If you heard, say word


If you heard, say word (4x)

[Verse 2:]

Praying the shadow brings the light and we can manage

And it might seem insane

Positivity is essential in this microcosmic frame

We all about human potential and the power of our brain

Science here to prove

This ain’t new age shit

You see we train

Have discipline in meditation

Plant medicines to heal the pain

We got our problems, the jails are full

The babies sobbing, cause they aint full

But we will feed them, we could seed

Growing gardens in every season

But still hearin the gunshot, babies with big glocks

We send the light there, to those starving, unfair packing hateful hardware

Tryna be a microcosm, to prove

The power of intention in the macro, it's like a rule

Healing the neighborhood kids with my puppy, they call him fluffy

He makes them trust me, they open up, show me the love

A child innocence truly a gift from above

Don’t tell um they can't, say go, give um reinforcement so they can grow

[Hook 2x]

Have you heard

About a magic place

We like to call peaceburgh

If you heard, say word


If you heard, say word (4x)

Oh oh oh

If you heard, say word

[Music Break]