Mad Humans (J. Glaze Remix)

[Verse 1]

The maker of collective destruction

Choose to attend the devil’s luncheon

See the woman as a body with one function

Not open to discussion or any kind of trusting

Boil it down to substance

Well we got nothing of something

Awful disgusting

The theory’s been pussing and bleeding

Only worried about the hairline receding

Deceiving the masses,

their Facebook status  

Would read

Here I am pleasing all these elite asses

Time to go to dynamic from the static

While the women walk miles to get water

And then leading all the sheep to the slaughter

Mother Earth is getting hotter, we forgot her

And now she’s pissed and igniting her daughters

Who will, lead you to a new kind of life

fulfill, Help us take the path that’s right

no kill Nurture your feminine side

Love you despite who made you cry

And who let you die, we forgive you

With a sigh but please don’t deny

All the slaves that helped you build this

All the women that gave your kids a kiss

Bow down 4X


This is it, bow down

You must quit, right now

[Verse 2]

I’m not saying no men will lead

There are many in power that we need

To be wayshowers to the light

show us they nurtured, the feminine sight

Cause something has not been right

You can feel even if you ain’t been paying no attention

It shows up and everything you mention and feel

You are an extension of what is real

Of collective consciousness, invention

We planned this now time for intention

How’s that for indigestion

Now let me deal and make a suggestion

To clean the wounds that have been festering

Forgive all who you won’t mention

And who you hate,

forgive the wrongdoers and fakes

Send love to every soul from pole to pole

City to city, mother to son, and young to old

No need to for pity, we are all one

Break out this mold, give back what you stole

Admit it when you lie, it’s burying you inside

Be willing to be wrong

Stop worrying about looking good,

you don’t have to be strong

Or be hurrying, to be what you think you should

You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful

Reflect that in the world and you will live long, loving, harmonious, and happy

It’s stunning when all of us are sappy

Full of passion and lacking greed

But still human yet perfect indeed

But when we admit our downfall

Suddenly we feel that we belong

To a universal force that holds you up

Keeps you on course with no remorse

I honor each of you for all your darkness and your light

And the integration can now begin

This night

Bow down 13X


This is it, bow down

You must quit, right now