My blond hairs dreaded

After a long night

Dejavu, I think I said this in another life

In another form

I was a witch, a slave, the master, my crown adorned

We're sexually repressed

Look at the popularity of porn

And everything we eat

Is made of genetically processed corn

And chicken, it's kinda crippling, and rather sickenin'

But also leaves me, somewhat awe stricken

The victim she's dead

I hung her, then said

It's time to start again, but first, please tell me

All about where you've been

But I'm'a break out

And take my fake out

And take the drake route

Minus the deal and the mass appeal

I'm speakin from the subconscious beyond what

Some may think is real

I will insinuate, communicate and elevate

Until everyone has freedom they could celebrate

I vow to be expressive

You know ultimately some privilege can be repressive

And I came into this world without the imprint

Not feeling I could trust no matter how much time was spent

My mamma, never left my paragraph indent

But it was heaven sent, and just how it should be

And through my own prison, I'm diggin out a path to free

And, in the meantime or in between time,

I might be drinking wine

Then freaking out

And coming back to fine.

Just to make sure you

Got the right impression of what I'm here to do

I know you wanna hate me

Or date rape me or make fun or call me flakey

But just consider a book falls apart without it's cover

We all come in strange packages, we must discover

The undercover, meaning deep inside each other

Why do you think it's so simple to call someone

Greasy or skeezy or cheesy or sleazy

But saying I love you ain't easy

In fact some says it's hard

Cause this is a prison planet

And we are all at large

But the beings have entered

To put the many back in charge

Illuminati knowledge of a few

Is now there

For the masses

The drastic

The shakin asses

The high to lower Classes

Teachin a new magic in another fashion

You ain't gotta have money to know that you could make it

Or be aware of heart to know that you could break

My impatient being

Will not allow for dreaming

Without evidence

Know that I tested it and measured it and then went back to re-tether it

I promise just consider all these things

All the joy that it could bring

To free yourself from past strings

Cause the truth is in your heart

Feel the pound we are bound

By an interest to be found

To be loved to be free and to have fun

And to this end

I am here as your servant of evolution

Will you be my friend

Until we, meet again