Gotta Love Me


This is for us broken girls

the puff pass, token girls, the showing off the ass,

the jokin' girls who think being funny is the only joy,

or strip to make the money or those who fade away from the drugs,

from the bad love from the extra pounds

drownin in shot rounds

fighting for a man who on your face puts his hand

I understand its hard

when this world its got bars

make your plan

to take change

and show you your value

lets go thru

and wow you

so you can heal

be an example for the babies

coming thru

cause they can feel your pain

they see it in your face

notice in your embrace

that we could love more fully

if we love ourselves

im not one to talk got, I've got my own bully

her names kellee, shes unruly

she trys to fool me


you gotta love me

its the only be

cause when we love me

we can finally be free

to love you, to make dreams come true

we gotta start with I,

deep breathe hug yourself, release the tears from your eye


You really are divine

when your hips sway,

when you dutty wine, no matter your size

and you can get the help you need

leave him if he makes you bleed

get up girl, get out your seat

show us all you are all a queen

cause you are and so am I

this is the time

for a feminine resurgence

we all messed up this world; its time for our service

mother earth is crying, she's right there at our side

she knows we didn't mean it, could forgive us just in time

for you to shine

for us to climb

we are now in our prime

the men are ready, it seems truly

give em a chance, they know not what they bid

put the whole planet there in a crib, beside your bed

now tell me you don't wanna be the mother,

you always knew that you did



you are beautiful, you're perfectly suitable

for the goddess status, you're the baddest

you can do anything that you want to

you're the writer of your book

you are a fighter and the earth shook

when you arrived

cause she was pumped, through you she strived

to get humanity over the hump

of ego, greed and anything that isn't love

and did i mention, you are perfection

and you are destined

this is a lesson

you are a blessing

your are made of stars

u come from near and far

remember who u are

u are are made of star

Hook 2x



Yeah yea Yeah


Deep breath release the tears from your life

Said you gotta love me


What up Kellee

It's Tomlin