I got the fight inside

I have been crucified

I rose and now you'll ride

and stand right here beside,

we'll all be friends real soon

we will get through the doom

saw how much we consume

put me in a white room

gone crazy called a loon

then something new to bloom

sacred female in womb

of earth she will come through


I'll be doing yoga,

a secret sithe decoder

there's orbs up in my phota

a jedi taught by yoda

[Chorus 2x]

I know you like your god,

but I still want you on my squad

I see the pain and facade

even numbers need odd

[Verse 2]

And soon we all gonna fade to black

ace of spades, then ya come right back

I'm gonna play please leave intact

you know if I lose we all get smacked,

took a new king gave up a jack

found my new game in a backpack

its fun to sum but its quite wack,

people die of what they lack

we get high and spend our cash

some die without food, you fast

class is a problem, I see a caste

we create the now in the past

law of attraction held from grasp

of those that need to know the path

creating love dispelling wrath

master key holders create the facts

[Chorus 2x]

[Hook 2x]

My joy is yours lets date

I like you and think your great

Live love and just seal your fate

This is real, no mistake


[Verse 3]

Unless you project your self hate

they burnt me at the stake

A goddess with good bait

I'll catch you, you just wait

Me you will not forgot

Cast spells I am a witch

And don't call me a bitch

Forget 'bout being rich

Desire it, got a glitch

Religion just like a snitch

Can often just make you twitch

Your the -ish now make a wish

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

Wrote songs we'll before twenty (b420)

Had to create the money

You didn't know that dummy

Bite my head off its yummy

Chewin' me I am gummy

And then I feel real crummy

A knot inside my tummy

Want you to love me hunny

Hurt me I'll call the dunny

He'll paint you in the putty

Followin the white bunny

You fool time is not money

Time is a fiction sunny

My heart cant take it from me

Assume cause nose is runny

I do not think its funny

[Chorus 2x]