Friday Night Flu (Remix)


U know u wanna dance

N u know u wanna rock

Come on take a chance

Forget about the clock

Rock with Me

Dance with Me

You know you wanna dance

You know you wanna rock

Come on and take a chance (rock with me)

Forget about the clock (Dance with me)

The clock struck 12

Your godmommas gone

Cinderellas still here

On the floor alone

Go head and try your luck

Nobody gives a fuck

Say bye to the drama

N start shakin the trunk

Scared to sing cause you feel a lump

In your throat now stop bein a punk

U know how to wipe out that junk

Trashman in your mind said dump

Up and down do u feel that jump

Heart is raising u love that thump

On your back there ain't no hump

Cause you know how to feel that funk


I feel the vibes

I'm shakin inside

My brain open wide

I'm swayin side to side

Now u can two step or diddy bop

Breakdancing can Pop and lock

Going all night I'm talking non stop

Release that fright take it to the top

No one on the corner got swager like you

Not gonna warn her just do what you do

Now watch those hands ull be black and blue

I call my mans after u you know who

This ain't a game of Seek and find

Just say my name clear out your mind

Shake out the outta date while you bump and grind

Start right here Now is your time