[Hook, Repeat]

Imma bout to


Come with me now

Get Low

Breaks and Oh’s and Ahs By Kellee Maize and dj Detonate


Kellee Maize in the street like a stop sign

Me, Ang and Holz makin a sacred trine

Yoga alignin kundalini spine

Butterfly out tha confines freeing our dumb blinds

Owl tribe got my back like disciples

Armies jumpin out the tank we dropping rifles

Mayan brothers telling me the end of cycles

Smoki said I gotta guide you know him Michael

[Pre Hook]

I’ve heard scared wisdom

I’m here it was a vision

That we’d all break it is written

Leave the third dimension prison

I heard owl time is now (oh oh oh oooo)

Each got a message know how (ah ah aha)

To evolve to something else (oh)

Butter fly our cosmic self (ah)

[Hook, Repeat]

Imma bout to


Come with me now

Get Low


All the jedi’s here

Sure you heard the ring

I been waiting for da... Call

Now the love will win

Forgivin the sin

Shadow is the light, and the wound is raw

All the blood is thick and the trees are sick

And they bout to fall

Now the moon has spoke

Tell me where the sun

Breakin down his wall (3x)


I’m about to explode

Come with me now, get low

Let go, you know

You know