Eleven 11

[Verse 1:]

I am the fearless leader, but I am not on top

I got my sisters here, we all been planting crop

To water all the meek, we working non-stop

Come on and love your neighbor, don't let that pistol pop

I'm flying high, now up in my helicopter

But I don't need no gas, I got a hybrid choppa

I heard some say, no one can stop ya

Our biggest enemy, a clock watcha


It's 11: 11

It's a sign, from Heaven


And my baby, said that maybe, I could reach the stars

Says I'm crazy, if I'm lazy n' don't play my cards

Smell the daisy, feeling wavy, battery is charged

'N Scorsese, getting lacy, yeah my name enlarged

Lookin' spacey, little hazy, 'cause these men from mars

Will be blazin', and still racy, when my team in charge

It don't faze me, they say Maizey, can you write more bars

Shit is crazy, sounds amazing, just need bass guitars

[Chorus: x2]

It's 11: 11

It's a sign, from Heaven

[Verse 2:]

I got a new game

Now do u wanna play

I hear them all say

That girl is crazy

My soul is destined

No more dumb questions

Out the smoke sessions

I learned my lessons

You know you hear it

Al-I-en spirit

Inside your right brain

This is a new plane

Of existence

You heard the mystics

Feminine return

No more on stakes burn

The mothers waiting

Her ground is breaking

She will make new seeds

Boys 'n girls, 5th breed

Out of dimension

Time will be questioned

All new invention

Universe extension

[Chorus: x4]

It's 11: 11

It's a sign, from Heaven

[Verse 3:]

Time travel into a new portal, we shall all enter

The city of steel holds a key to transformation, it's fourth river

I have no doubt you will all gather

Feminine energy returns

Linking into us to the higher consciousness

You had at birth before you were domesticated

It is, as was predicted by all indigenous peoples

The time is now.

Affirm your dreams for yourself and this planet

When you see 11.11, on our time keepers

It is not about wishing, it is about creating

Time is not real.

We are of one universal body.

Your create your reality, and peace is revolution

Know, now, the world is in you.

What friends shall you do with with this wisdom.

Find your inner child.

Release your struggle.

Love everyone and everything.

Be the change you wish to see.

Tell me now you know, there is another space time reality

Where you can make a heaven

11: 11