Dancing With Lightning


D-d-d Dance

D-d-d-d-d Dance


You can see the look in my eye

Ain't gonna stop anytime soon

Wrote a whole new book while I cry

Me and my team all flowers set to bloom

Can't stop till we reach the sky

We the type to lay on the cloud

sing to the moon

meet the sun real soon

Our thunder, bout to boom


Dancing with Lightning

For some may seem frightening

We find it exciting

To dance in the lightning







D-d-d-d-d Dance

Light strikes

Darkness ignites

Karma bites

New days new nights

Take action, seek sight

We are gonna win this fight

I'll die for the wrongS to get right

And you better believe that everybody gonna be alright


The suns fire pounds in our heart

Every target hit with our love dart

Measure this we above chart

Treasure this we can win smart

Not average, see we invent

Unsavage with our intent

Rain falls, wash away

Owls call, better prepare in the lair for a whole new day


And when you feel it, don't conceal it

Scream in bliss you are it

Piece of god and goddess

Seek calm amidst fits

Realize the cosmic trick

We are bred as slaves in a prism

Open your mind to the system

we all been dead and spinnin

Get our the box of this prison

Ain't no body got time for you to just sit there wishin

Dancing with Lightning, I am

Dancing with Lightning, you are

Dancing with Lightning, we are

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing



D-d-d Dance






Lets frequency match, are you you into that

Read my mind for the past, I recreated new facts

Can you feel my pulse my bodies your map

Let go of whats false, next your cocoon we could wrap