Things could always be worse

I remind myself of this often

when i'm coughing, when im sick when im hurt

I get my ass outta bed, meditate the crime out my head

there is no time for a pretend, this is the life i came to end

so i should enjoy the time i have

I employ my best and then

when i feel lost when i feel down

i know its all cost to pay for another round

wanna keep my self clean

i wanna be best i could be

cause the children, they keep growing

and I've been knowing that my responsibility is serious

um un-delirious about this sphere of trust

given to us called earth

its worth

strait gold

and in her life

we ain't old

we should respect

the truth that has been told

that she has been bent in half and we must open the fold

Hook 2x

and Its alright

and Its okay

We willl figure it out



Human have taken advantage of each other

and of the earth

and now as our brains begin to evolve I wonder if we will all realize what this is worth

will we solve the equation of birth

I say yes, it only makes sense

beyond cents and dollars

back to the bead-makers and potters

back to the origin of the fathers

of freedom not legions but tribes

not heathens but scribes,

not demons but wives

of the universe

in a soothing verse

they will undo the curse

we will unveil the nurse

the owl's message is new

not of ending but of proof

that we are attending

who will recoup

of all the lost in the group

those pushed down by the untruth

those who haven't gotten what their due

this song right here, well,

this one's is for you



you need to know that you are divine

you need to know that now is your time

nothing that can stop u now

nothing that can stop u now