Encouraging Startup Aims to Help Couples Afford IVF

IVF Shouldn't Be Cost Prohibitive

A new Bay Area startup named Future Family wants to work toward helping couples afford IVF so they can start families with assistance from fertility financing. According to the CDC, 1 in every 8 couples in the United States have some form of a fertility issue. While IVF is an amazing treatment to help solve infertility and gives families a chance to conceive, it's not an inexpensive procedure. Needless to say, this startup is giving families a new hope.Future Family started by Claire Tomkins and Eve Blossom after Tomkins went through 6 rounds of IVF herself. After spending over $100,000 to finally have a baby, she acknowledged the very thing standing between many couples and IVF success: money. In fact, the average cost of a "fresh" IVF cycle is $12,000, before medications, which can tack on another $3,000-$5,000. Therefore, Tomkins set out to create a way for women and families to have more affordable options when choosing to undergo IVF treatments.At Future Family, couples are given options such as zero-down payment financial packages for IVF and egg freezing, as well as a new fertility age test to help predict how much time someone may have left to try to conceive. To put this into perspective, the startup offers the new age test for $300 whereas the usual cost is typically double that. Couples going to Future Family could pay as little as $125 a month for IVF treatments!There's no doubt that IVF and other fertility solutions can be long, stressful, and expensive. Thanks to Future Family, couples will now be able to take away some of the added strains knowing the options are way more affordable.

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