My mom always said, I "was dancing and singing before she could walk
and talk".
I began to rap and perform at a young age to entertain myself and escape reality. My childhood best friend helped me form my
first rap group called Thunder and Lightning at age 9.  We mostly just argued about who was thunder and who was lightning but,
we did record a few cassettes and give them to our parents with our pictures on them.   

I also expelled a lot of energy through gymnastics and had hopes of the Olympics or at least a college scholarship but the
pressure and injuries stopped my progression. Despite incredibly loving parents who I would die for, I always had a bit of an
"alien" mentality as I was one of two people I knew until age 18 that was adopted. To this day I knows very little about my
biological family.  This has always had a very deep effect on who I am and how I deal with life.  However, I feel like it was part of
the plan and feel blessed to be a Maize.

I moved to Pittsburgh in my teens with the dream of making an impact on
the world.
I just felt drawn to the city, like there was something waiting for me here.  I learned more about the negative sides of our society
through study at the University of Pittsburgh. At that time, Hip Hop was solidified as my passion and outlet for activism. I also
experienced watching my mom go through a vicious near death bout with cancer and used writing as a means to cope. I began
singing and rapping on stage in 2000 and have not stopped since. However, a sense of not being able to make any real change,
a lack of confidence, and a lack of financial stability pushed me into the workforce full-time and on a spiritual journey. This period
of my life proved to be a unique opportunity to grow, become inspired and learn the industry.

I worked at the Pittsburgh City Paper right after college where I helped a lot of local artists, planned events and learned all about
being a promoter.  I eventually became the Events and Promotions Director, but then the sudden death of my father during this
time changed everything. After my dad passed and my birth mom was not responding to my attempts to connect with her, I again
turned to music as a way to cope. I also turned to work and my interest in bringing women together as a way to deal with my
father's death.

I founded a female owned and operated, socially conscious company,
I founded Nakturnal in hopes of helping woman work together in pursuit of their dreams and because I learned through spiritual
study that when women gather, the world will heal.  It is a prophetic message almost every indigenous culture stands behind as
well as many major religions.  I also felt like it was time to secure a better income to be able to help my mom in the future.  She is
employed at a factory in my home town and it is my dream to be able to get her involved in some aspect of my business so she
doesn’t have to work so hard.  

For over two years now, Nakturnal has been considered a leading marketing and events organization in the the area. We work
daily to inspire women, help independent artists and raise awareness for worthy causes.   We have been expanding nationally.

While Nak was growing, I found more time to record and perform, and released my first album, Age of Feminine with the help of
DJ Huggy. I released my second album, Aligned Archetype, nationally on January 29th, 2010. This album highlights my mystical
side and brings together my other musical passions including dubstep, house, reggae, Bmore club, R&B and of course Hip Hop. It
is a concept album that is was inspired by a tarot card reading.  I also launched this site which acts as an artistic statement with
the help of a large female team made up of Nakturnal and other talented Pittsburgh based women.

I consider myself a spiritual person and now see activism on an energetic
level that starts within so I work on my SELF daily.
I study the power of intention, meditation, yoga, quantum physics, astrology, tarot and other forms of mysticism. I feel my outer
purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy that speaks to the soul of the listener. I believe massive global
change is coming and that it starts with the individual. I feels Pittsburgh, my home, is a focal point in this planetary change and
that women and female energy in men and women will help us enter a new stage.

I feel that our inner world is a mirror of our outer reality.
We have the power to help positively affect the world by "being the change we wish to see", as Ghandi puts it. While this can be
incredibly challenging given our human tendencies and emotions, I believe we are entering a new stage of evolution in human
consciousness and hope that in the same way I am affected daily by artists and musicians that my music inspires change and
awareness in the listener. I feel all people have special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle and that we are all made of the same
energy and therefor are really all one. I know deep down that music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our
current fear stricken society. I feel we can enjoy this time/space reality while opening hearts and minds, and creating lasting
pittsburgh rapper
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